ZOMG…I can haz newtrd ofenz???

New Personnel...Same Approach...I just love it, love it, love it, love it....

Guess how many passes on first down in the second half? Not many…maybe one. I guess this is Bollman and JT’s approach to “getting better.”

If it wasnt for the pure talent of Terelle Pryor, the Troy Trojans would have won this game since T. Boeckman looked like “2004 Zwick” on his only series of the day. It was a good ride Todd…enjoy the pine, brother.

Bottom Line (excluding TP’s highlight reel playmaking ability)…

This was not enjoyable football. This was like being forced to watch New Jersey Devils game from the mid to late 90’s over and over again.

I am sure the Kaiser and SM will have some more commentary…Liverpool drew with Stoke City which is ‘teh suck.’ I am sure this will be an awesome Saturday. Somebody get Danielson an extra bib today…that much Tebow drool is borderline ridiculous.



  1. How’d everyone like the play where Pryor hit Robiskie right in stride on a 30-yard pass, and Robiskie had no one between him and the end zone. If he had wheels, it would have been an 85-yard touchdown. Oh, also, Robiskie would have had to actually catch the ball. He stuck one hand out, for no apparent reason, and he didn’t catch it. Didn’t look like he was even trying.

    The play-calling was atrocious.

    Boom Herron was more shifty and powerful than I’d ever seen him. He looked really good.

  2. YNBA – I think that the coaches realized that two consecutive 3rd quarter drives by Troy were stopped – not by OSU, but by Troy’s mistakes. Troy was moving the ball very efficiently, but penalties and Kurt Coleman kept them out of the end zone.

    At that point, the game plan HAD to be to keep the clock moving, to keep the Troy offense off the field. This meant going back to conservative football. Not enjoyable, but it definitely worked.

    I don’t sweat Tressel at all about today’s game plan. He’s definitely done worse, for sure. At least the coaches tried some new things all around today – from new lineups to a flexible game plan to actually making adjustments. The team is on the right track.

  3. Hey, this was a great start for TP and that is really encouraging. He will still struggle at times until he realizes that even though he is athletically superior to every other player on the field, that does not mean every play can be 7 points like it was in HS(see the sack at the end of the half)

    this team will not go undefeated in conference play as the D still has some problems with open field tackling and overall pressure on the QB

    but, this Troy team is probably better than 2 or 3 big team teams we will play this year, including this Minnesota team next week

    so … getting better, I suppose

    Here hoping there is more improvement week after week

  4. 2 words………


    lol how soon we forget what tressel offense is ball contol and special teams.

  5. Sad that Tressel ball is still in effect. I understood the need in 2003 & 2004…

    They can put up points with a little more creativity…not a lot…just a little bit more than…say….none.

  6. No way can OSU win the Big 10 with playcalling like this. For the 3rd straight week, it’s been abysmal. I can’t understand how Tressel watches Pryor make a throw like that to Nicol in the 1st quarter then doesn’t trust him enough to pass on a consistent basis for the rest of the game. I’m not saying Pryor has learned everything there is to learn but Tressel needs to call more passing plays, period.

    Pryor continues to display his ridiculous gifts and I thought Boom Herron quietly played another very good game (his performance against USC wasn’t too shabby either). Jermale Hines needs to continue to see the field because he loves to hit and can actually tackle in space. And I don’t know if he’s back in the doghouse but I’d like to see Ray Small play more than one snap.

    And as much as I wanted to kill the kid a week ago, part of me actually feels for Boeckman. At the end of the day, these are kids and not professionals. You wait 5 years of your life to get something that you’re eventually unable to hold onto. That being said, it was a decision that needed to be made and if Tressel of all people is actually willing to take the reins from the senior and give it to a freshman, then you know it’s legitimately warranted.

  7. I am very disappointed in the OSU defense. Can someone learn how to tackle?!! Get physical for Pete’s sake!

    I don’t share your pessimism though YNBA. I saw some real positives today(Pryor and other freshman got significant playing time).

    There may be an upset of Ohio State lurking(by the name of PSU or Wisconsin), but other than that, we shouldn’t lose any more and “the next generation” will now get significant playing time.

    And Greg: I heard Robiskie is playing hurt. But OSU has tons of good receivers that can and are itching to play(Sanzenbacher, Washington, Posey).

    Chuck is right: Let’s not forget that Troy hung more than 30 points on the Florida Gators and LSU Tigers the last time they played them. We held them to 10 points, so I guess it ain’t all bad. Still, the OSU defense is the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT this year.

    Everybody talks about Terrelle and the offense, but defense wins championships. To some other fans in here: Tressel cannot let Pryor throw on every friggin down as he will make mistakes. I believe he is going to give him more freedom as the season moves on.

    Anyone that boos Boeckman should have their Buckeye Bandwagon Card revoked. Dispicable.

  8. Hey buckeyedude,

    I agree with you for the most part, but I disagree on one point. If Wisconsin or “State Penn” beat us it won’t be an upset. Wisconsin is already ranked ahead of us and the national pundits are muttering about bumping PSU into the top 10. I have a strong feeling we will be going into both of those games as an underdog.

  9. Yeah there’s probably an upset coming but not to Wis or PSU. We’ll be the underdog in those. Maybe Purdue or Mich St.

    Hope this week we will see more passing on 1st down!!!

    If our defense continues to play the way it has. It could mean a trip to San Antonio.

  10. buckeyedude – “still, the osu defense is the biggest disappointment this year”

    I disagree… The defense pitched a shutout against YSU, kept OU to one touchdown, and was one broken tackle from keeping the Troy spread offense to three points.

    The biggest disappointment is the offense, particularly the offensive line, which was touted even by ESPN as being the best in the country in preseason. After a great first half of last year, they’ve had six poor-to-below-average games in a row.

    Even the 28 points given up by the defense against USC can partially be blamed on the offense… no way USC scores that many points if the offense doesn’t do so many three and outs, or give SC such great field position drive after drive. Laurinaitis especially in the SC game was an absolute stud – he was one of the few Bucks that came to play.

    The OSU defense is fine. It’s the offense that needs surgery.

  11. sportsMonkey: I heard as much hype about the Buckeye Defense with Laurinatis as captain as I did about the offensive line. Let’s just agree that BOTH need to be much better, and have not played anywhere near their potential.

    Eric G: you’re right. Both PSU and Wisconsin should be ranked above us when we play them, unless they lose before then.

    I watched the ND/MSU game, and Javon Ringer is probably the 2nd best running back in the Big Ten(after Beanie). That will be a tough game. I think MSU is this year’s Illinois.

  12. I didnt get to watch the game against Troy…… stuipd big ten network not available in my part of connecticut lol.

    What I do know is this a freshman QB throws for 4 TD passes and our best RB is out of the game and we are acting like the sky is falling lol.

    The best offense is a good defense and vice versa.

    When Beanie comes back and we have a true running threat it will do 2 things make people play 8 in the box and hopefully the WRs will start playing better cause they suck right now. and it will keep the offense on the field a lot longer there by keeping our defense fresher.

    We can easily run the table is people just start stepping up and playing the way they are capable of. Our WRs as a whole suck and our OL sucks and we cant catch a break in any game right now.

    Weather the storm and pray for a healthy Beanie sooner rather than later. Pray that Tressel hires a new offensive coordinator and everything will be fine. Plus go out and FRICKING recruit some gosh dern SAMOANS they are amazing and on every other team in the world…… the last one I remember for the buckeyes was Nicky Sualua a FB from the nineties who is best known for being the guy who was with that famous Dallas Cowbiys OL who Over dosed while smoking the crack with Sualua in his house and Sualua leaving him to die lol.


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