Beanie’s fine

OSU FootballJim Tressel said in today’s press conference that Chris Wells will be kept out of this Saturday’s game, but expected him to return to practice in the next couple of days.

He did not give a specific diagnosis, but it seems reasonable to conclude that it’s not a major injury. X-rays were negative, and they couldn’t have seen anything too serious on the soft-tissue MRI conducted yesterday, otherwise his practice would be restricted.

It’s likely that keeping him sidelined on Saturday is just a precaution, to ensure he’s ready for SC the following week.


  1. Good, now i can finally breath a little easier. So last year this web-site would do shots of Gholston, who’s pic are going to put up this year.

  2. He’ll play, but will he be 100% is the question. If OSU falls to USC, that will be the lingering question.

    Of course, if OSU wins then it is moot.

  3. @zach – With no players with physique or build of Mount Vernon, we’ve taken a different route with our “weekly shots.” This year it’s going to be a weekly stiff-arm.

    @Other Zack – OSU definitely has a better chance beating USC with a Beanie at 100%, but if OSU wins with Beanie ailing, that will be quite the statement.

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