Mark Sanchez injured

FootballESPN is reporting that USC QB Mark Sanchez dislocated his kneecap in practice today.

Supposedly, the injury “was not serious.” The good news for Sanchez is that, when healed, his knee should be 100% (or better, as is often the case for joints after intensive physical therapy). The bad news is if your knee dislocates once, it’s very likely to happen again. Not good news if you’re just starting your quarterbacking career.

As far as being ready for OSU, Sanchez is now listed at ‘day to day.’ Treatment for a dislocated kneecap typically requires six weeks of immobilization. However, it’s probably a pretty safe bet USC has a top-notch physical therapy program, and Sanchez will see action much earlier than usual. How much earlier remains to be seen… I’m guessing that his knee may be at or near 100% by the time OSU comes to town, but he may not have as much experience or practice behind center as Carroll would hope for.


  1. I want USC at full strength. I don’t want any ammo for the masses to excuse USC’s performance if they happen to come up short Sept. 13th…………….

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