Click…Click…”Thug Life”

The above headline conveys an entirely different context to UGA and Bama fans this offseason, but to the OSU faithful it can really mean only one thing…duh…

Ohio State has started tinkering with the “Pistol” offensive set. This offense has been linked to a few teams in D-1, but is exclusively showcased by the Nevada Wolfpack. I am pretty sure that most OSU fans heard the rumors in the offseason, but it was on display for BTN subscribers to view last night at the OSU televised practice.

Chris Ault's Pistol Offense Wiki
“Pistol” formation

With this formation, it would seem that having Todd or TP in the gun position with Beanie, Saine, or Herron behind them would cause all kinds of havoc for the linebacker corps, as they would have to wait a an extra second to the see the tailback come from behind the QB before committing run or pass. It should also give Todd or TP an extra second or more for the passing game. I am by no means an expert on these topics, but any additional flavor or trickeration to the OSU offense will always be a good thing, as it varies from vanilla to butter pecan throughout the season.

Other Benefits and refuting some misconceptions of the Pistol Offensive Set from the “The Pack Critic Blog”

The advantage that the Pistol provides over a standard shotgun is that it allows a true north/south running game, but it also gives the passing game the advantages of the shotgun. The Pistol isn’t so much an offense as it is a framework for an offense. You can run a huge variety of offenses out of the basic Pistol formations.

While I dont imagine this will replace the standard “I-Formation” in the OSU Playbook anytime soon (try…ever), you can already see where this is going…*giggle giggle*

i can haz Pistol offense?


  1. Pistol… nice.

    LSU ran a lot of pistol against OSU last Jan. If I remember correctly, it was fairly effective.

    The other new wrinkle for the Bucks is the Pony formation, which was used a lot over the spring (e.g., before Pryor’s arrival). Two tailbacks – Brandon and Saine. Tons of possible plays out of that one, too. The Titans use a lot of pony formation w/ Lendale White.

  2. tampa buckeye says

    Look Ohio State is loaded with enough talent they can run whatever and it will work. Oregon ran the pistol last year with Dixon and Pryor is a bigger faster version of Dixon if he doesn’t get 15 to 20 touches a game it is a huge mistake in my opinion. We have a better back then Oregon in Beanie a better qb in Tp and much better wideouts with B2 and Posey, Flash, and Stoneburner coming in.
    This team is loaded on offense and anything less than 40 a game avg. would be a let down.
    As for the defensive side of the ball I would love to see us get more agressive on 1st and 3rd downs. We should be able to overcome giving up some big plays.

  3. In the pistol, I think the QB is closer to the center than in shotgun. As I understand it, it gives the QB a slight advantage (from being under center) in that he can see the field better before and just after the ball is snapped.

  4. Mark, You’re correct, he is closer. Not only does this allow him to stand taller and see the field as you said, it also gets the ball into his hands faster than a true shotgun snap would. All good things. A Buckeye team with a ‘fast’ offense? And people say Tress doesn’t shake things up

  5. Seth, et. al:

    >>A Buckeye team with a ‘fast’ offense?<< Was listening to a little Buckeye history on the radio this afternoon, and was reminded that Tressel ran some pistol in late 2005, Smith's first year as a starter. IMO, that was the best offense of Tressel's career here - after Smith took over from Zwick, OSU plowed through the Big Ten and the Fiesta Bowl (ND)... nobody was able to contain that offense. In 2006, Smith stopped being used as a runner, and Tressel changed to a spread pro set, where they've been ever since. It'll be nice to have a 2005-ish offense.

  6. With Pryor , and the depth at WR ……these formantions should be effective if executed well.


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