A History Lesson provided by Jacobs Field

Cleveland IndiansEvery once in a while a special moment will occur for the general sports fan. Sometimes these moments will include your favorite team, which can be all sorts of awesome or a craptastic dose of terribleness.

Being an Indians fans has been a tough go for the YNBA this season and most seasons, but there have been a few occaisions, such as seven years ago today, that will always manifest a little warmth in my heart (notably the sub-cockle region). The Cleveland Indians trailed the Seattle Mariners 14-2 in the seventh inning at Jacob’s Field. Yeah…if you dont remember the outcome, believe it..the Indians scored 12 runs over the final 3 innings to tie the game and added another in the 11th inning to win 15-14.

Omar Vizquel

Joel Skinner…Holding people at 3rd Base since 2001.

(HT: Mistake by the Lake Sporting Times)


  1. Jeff at The BBC says

    I was watching that game, and I can’t believe I kept it on the TV after Dave Burba gave up 8 runs in the first three innings.

    But I was working on the computer, so it eventually became background noise. But in the 8th inning, I just had a feeling….and it was the best game I ever watched.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sometimes you just get that feeling when you are watching a game. This was definitely an instance of that happening for me.

  3. Paul M. Thompson says

    I am ashamed to say that I attended this game, but did not stick it out. I was walking down Eagle Avenue when Branyan hit his dinger. Regret poured over me at that exact instant and I have had to live with it ever since. Thanks, though, because it was still an awesome moment in Tribe history and reading about it gave me chills.

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