ZOMG!!!! The Pre-Season Coaches Poll is out!!! A Top 3 “Dine and Dash”

It is the moment that everyone has been waiting for since whenever…

The first installment of poll provided by the coaches (ahem…Grad Assistants and University SIDs) was released in this morning’s USA Today. The “Top 5” looks about right with one glaring exception. Let’s take a quick gander at just the “Top 3” shall we?

Top 3 (First-Place Votes)
1. Georgia (22) – This probably looks familiar to OSU fans. Let’s get on the time machine and head back to 2006. It is amazing how much a whooping on a terrible opponent in a BCS Bowl game can propel you for the next season. We’ll see if Stafford has the capabilities to be a “talisman” for the Bulldogs, or if he turns into the SEC’s version of Anthony Morelli (Million-dollar arm…Ten cent head). Obviously, Moreno is going to bring it, but it will be intersting to see how the carries get split up between him and super-frosh Caleb King.

2. USC (14) – Obviously shirtless video of Pete Carroll and his coaching staff…and “for the love of all things holy” players have created a positive effect for the USC preseason ranking. For a team that has a myriad of questions on the offensive-side of the ball outside of McKnight, a top two ranking is somewhat high (and by high I mean…borerline ridiculous). Oh well, I guess this will be settled on 9/13 when the Trojans host…

3. Ohio State (14) – Returning 40 of the 44 on last season’s two deep, this was supposed to be the year that OSU made a run for the MNC. However, the goal was almost (not really) achieved last season and unfortunately lead to another loss to an SEC team in the BCS Championship game. Enjoy this season Buckeye fans, this is definitely one of Tressel’s most talented teams (if not the most talented Tressel team). If OSU goes into the USC’s backyard and wins convincingly, Georgia will move to #2 no matter how many SEC coaches vote.

Alright. I feel a little dirty now for providing some abbreviated analysis, as poor as it may have been.


  1. Eyes, meet bleach. I know you won’t be able to wash the shirtless images out of my brain, but at least now you’ll be blind and never be able to see that again.

  2. 3 is good. Can’t complain about that, but i can complain that m*ch*g*n is in the top 25. Has m*ch*g*n become the new Notre Dame. Are they getting the respect based off the name. How can a team with a brand new coaching staff, with a brand new offense get ranked in the top 25

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