We cry, we cry…on the 28th of July

We are a few weeks away from the beginning of fall camp and you can see that the mainstream college football writers are starting to get back in the swing of things. Obviously, there can only be so many Barwis articles written before you want to stab yourself in the face with a rusty butter knife.

So, we went from Barwis puff pieces to this…

At the same time are you tired of seeing Ohio State get beat in the championship (that) bad? It’s not fair.

The man that I tend to refer to as “The Crazy Uncle” of college football writers, “Dennith Dodd,” decided to layout the idea that the voters are sick and tired of seeing our beloved Buckeyes lose to SEC teams in the BCS Championship each year. Original thought…I know.

The “Let’s give someone else a chance” stance by Dodd is a bit ‘re-donk-ulous’ and ultimately is something that I would expect to see out of a biased SEC Blog. You do have to give “Dennith” some credit though. I mean, he did ask someone from the Birmingham News (ahem…lookie me…no bias) if they thought OSU should be given the opportunity again. The answer (above) from the Birmingham News columnist was reserved (afterwards quietly under his breath saying “Roll Tide…SHESH-SHEE-SHEE”), but you could tell from the statement that he was being as PC as possible in his reply. I really dont have too many issues with the article itself, but…

I am not understanding how the SEC media became the “end all, be all” sources for hard-hitting journalistic college footbaw information. You may say “YNBA, why the angst with an opinion piece..within your opinion piece?” Call me “old-fashioned,” but I think an unbiased source (outside of number-crunchin’ Jerry Palm) would be a nice touch. Hell, give us Phil Steele. His information and opinions are at least researched and genuine.

This type of stuff always revolves around the SEC now, which is pretty much the norm at this point. I think most of us have graciously accepted that the SEC is a very good conference with an assortment of “damn strong football teams.” Regardless, it gets a little stale that all of the media wants us to believe that Atlanta is the NHL-equivalent of Toronto and that all communiques originating from the ‘404’ are to be treated as the “golden bible” of college football prognostication. Any attempts of obtaining opinions from other locales is borderline heresy and could result in high-treason. Digressing…digressing…

Bottom line…

Look, all of us Northerners realize the tough stretch of any SEC schedule (which any god-lovin’ SEC fan will argue to no end, inlcudes Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt) is equivalent to the yearly sherpa marking of the Khumbu Icefall. However, any BCS team that can navigate it’s own schedule (regardless of BCS conference affilation) to an undefeated regular season deserves to be in that MNC game. It is that simple. If OSU goes undefeated this year along with two other teams, it would be better to evaluate the situation at that point. Not in July or August (I’m looking at you Dennith). I’m just sayin’…


  1. Dublinsaab says

    If it comes down to 3 undefeated teams at the end of the year, and OSU is one of them then the MNC should go to the winner of the SEC Championship game… Because, well… Let’s face it, Vandy could beat the Pats and Giants… 11 on 22, with a 21 point handicap.


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