Start stocking up on antacids

The preseason hype is starting already.

So it could be the Big 10 versus the SEC for the third year in a row. Power and speed versus just speed. The good guys versus the bad. 73-16 Tressel versus 72-19 Richt. The Stiff Arm of Justice and Tackling FailTM versus Knowshon Moreno. Boeckman’s wounded ducks versus Stafford’s overthrows. The North versus the South – CFB’s metaphorical civil war may continue.

I hope hope hope hope this happens. Not only because it’ll mean another chance at redemption, but also because, if Georgia’s involved, we might be able to recycle all of our Waterboy jokes again.


  1. So we’re a shoe-in for the NC! Where is the game played at this year?

  2. @ Jay – It’s Miami’s turn, I think.

  3. BYU? Really?

  4. Wow, those other bowls… that don’t really matter anyways look pretty crappy. Has Notre Dame loaded up with enough cupcakes to win 6 games?

  5. mr green says

    Let’s calm down everybody. First, Ohio State will lose on the road at USC. Then Ohio State will lose on the road at Wisconsin, dashing any hopes of a national championship. You’re looking at 10-2, with an appearance in one of the five major bowl games. Why play in a national championship game anyway? It will be 0-3 for for three years in a row. Why put yourselves through the disappointment and heart ache all over again? The Buckaroos made it to the national championship by accident last year anyway.

  6. I’m liking the USC vs. Wisky Rose Bowl!

  7. mr green is so eloquent in his Ohio State bashing, congrats!

    Also, FYI Boeckman throws lazy ducks, not wounded ducks. His just don’t want to come down out of the sky. For ‘wounded duck’, please see Justin Zwick 2004.

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