Penn State fans demand Sean Lee win the Butkus

Blog/site newsORLANDO, FL – Students from Penn State University entered their fourth day of protest outside the Downtown Athletic Club today, refusing to back down from their demand that Sean Lee, the school’s coveted linebacker, should win the 2008 Butkus Award.

“It’s not fair,” said Rufus Engolman, a freshman landscape architecture major. “They’re saying that just because he won’t play a down this year, he’s not eligible.”

Sean Lee broke his anterior cruciate ligament in practice on April 11, ending his chances of contributing this season. Fans say Lee’s status shouldn’t preclude him from being considered for the award, typically given to college football’s best linebacker.

Eighth-year senior Barney Slonicker agrees. “I mean, we’re Penn State, you know? Last year was the Laurinaitis travesty, and now this. Don’t even try to tell me there’s not a bias against us.”

In 2007, OSU’s James Laurinaitis won the Butkus over the favored PSU Linebacker Dan Connor. The consensus in the CFB community is that the award was given to make up for the snub that occurred the previous year, when PSU’s Paul Posluszny won the award over the future NFL Hall of Famer A.J. Hawk, an OSU graduate.

“Okay, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to compromise on Lee actually winning the award. His nomination had better be a given, though. Or maybe they could create a new award for him, something like the ‘Lee’s Knees Memorial Award’ or something like that. Understand? We just want someone to listen to us. And do what we say.”

The Downtown Athletic Club disagrees with Slonicker and the other protesters. Two days ago, the organization sent its spokesperson out to the crowd to read a prepared statement: “While we respect the fact that Penn State has, on occasion, produced a quality linebacker, we are unable and unwilling to make an exception for a player that will not play a down this season. Thank you for your interest, and we wish all of you a very exciting college football season. We’ll see you in December.”

The statement was not received well by the protesters, who drowned out the company official with profanity-laden chants and then attacked her with a violent flurry of beer bottles.

Big 10 commissioner Jim Delaney offered his own opinion on the events. “The sense of entitlement Nittany Lions fans have is shocking, and absolutely not representative of the rest of the Big 10 Conference. I’m starting to wonder how good of a decision it was to let them in. Our condolences go out to the victim’s family. We’re all praying for a speedy recovery.”


  1. zing!

  2. wow not funny

  3. This is such a bunch of crap. Why do we even call it the Butkus award? You know who should have won last year!

  4. Real. American. Hero.

  5. PSU, you were the studs in the Big East back in the day. Lately, just average at best in the Big 10. Not line backer university anymore, line-up university is more like it. Criminal activity is huge in happy valley, THUGS I say. Your own, in-state players are leaving by the bus load or signing with Pitt. You haven’t beaten michigan in more than a decade. Please go back to the big east.

  6. hey jay nice observation, but psu was never in the big east. there is a ridiculous amount of criminal activity throughout college sports these days,the media is exposing it more than ever, it’s a shame that a once class act like psu has come to this. Joepa may want to let someone take control before it’s too late.

  7. Penn State was never in the Big East.

  8. Bravo sir. Well played.

  9. My misteak, was it the A-10?

  10. i forgot about AJ Hawk not winning the award.

    god, something is wrong with America.

  11. Yeah, Penn State was in the Atlantic 10 in all sports except football, which they were independant. It just so happened that most football independants ended up joining the Big East, with Penn State as a huge exception.

    Penn State, other than the “dark ages” of 2000-2004, which I’d like to forget, has been above average in the Big 10. “Average” is more like Purdue, Northwestern, Minnesota, and lately Iowa. Penn State is more like Wisconsin or old Iowa than a mid-level team. And yes, we are still “Linebacker U”, but you can’t expect to win games when your offense puts out so little that you win or lose games with baseball scores. The 12-0 victory over Purdue, the 14-9 loss to Michigan, and that dreaded 6-4 loss to Iowa are perfect examples of too much expected out of a great defense.

    Also, while there have been crime problems lately, they are not unique to Penn State. The thug problem is prevalent in many other football programs, but it’s just such a shock because Penn State has a tradition of excellence and running a good clean program. But at least they’ve mostly purged the team of those elements. With a team like LSU, they’d try to make excuses for their players, example, Ryan Perriloux. If he played for Penn State, he’d have been kicked off the team long ago.

    I’m not too surprised that this is on an Ohio State blog. Penn State is easily Ohio State’s second biggest rival. Naturally, you’d expect anyone to take a shot at the team they love to hate.

  12. lancelott says


  13. Unfortunately, the Downtown Athletic Club won’t be giving anyone the Butkus this year.,0,1344034.story

  14. @ KE – Thanks for the tip! NOW we know the real reason why they’re snubbing Lee.

  15. I had no idea Men of the S&G had such a Penn State following…


  16. mr green says

    “Lee’s Knees Award”, Once again, classless OSU fan! Please don’t sink to the level of a Michigan fan. That being said, the behavior of these Sean Lee crusaders was, well…shameful. OSU will lose to USC and Wisconsin, mark it down.

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