Don’t worry, Manningham can’t read this

Michigan’s proudest WR, Mario Manningham, managed to score a 6 on the NFL’s Wonderlic intelligence test.


An average score on the Wonderlic is 21, right were OSU’s Vernon Gholston landed. That’s supposed to represent an average IQ. But how bad is 6?

“Charlie Wonderlic Jr., president of Wonderlic Inc., says, ‘A score of 10 is literacy, that’s about all we can say.’ ” (Link)

But wait! Manningham still hopes to earn a degree one day:

“That was kind of hard, leaving without getting my degree, but I’m going to go back and get it.”

Uh, sure. Best wishes with all of that.

And before someone posts “Reggie Germany 0.0 LOLLERCOPTERSeleventy!1” in the comments section, note that there is a huge difference between getting a 0.0 for not showing up to class, and going to college for three years without becoming literate.

Link – “More Wonderlic Scores”


  1. buckeyefan says

    I seriously hope that is a misprint or that he had some type of medical need that forced him to leave early. Even Owen Schmitt, the meathead FB from WVU who can barely speak more than doubled Manningham’s score.

  2. In Manningham’s defense, though, he was probably high when he took the test.

  3. Arkansas Buckeye says

    MAybe he’s one of those autistic savants whose “special” for running and catching?

  4. Arkansas Buckeye says

    sorry: “who’s” not “whose”
    In Arkansas we score the Wonderlic on a curve.

  5. seriously, is anyone surprised. Manningham is a m*ch*g*n product. In my opinion, a 6 is rather high considering he went to that school up north. I mean anyone who chooses to go there, can’t be all that bright to begin with.

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