Washington was never suspended; Schoënhoft officially no longer an OSU QB

OSU FootballJim Tressel told the media on Saturday that cornerback Donald Washington was never disciplined for misbehavior, as many outlets had reported last week.

When asked if he had been close to losing Washington, Tressel said no during a brief interview session after the presentation ceremony… He even took a shot at the media outlets which had cited unnamed sources for the reports about Washington… Tressel said there were no players ineligible or suspended, other than [Eugene] Clifford.

In other news:
The rumors are true, Rob Schoënhoft is no longer a Buckeye quarterback. He’s been moved to tight end, and Antonio “nineteen dollars” Henton has taken over the backup QB job.

King Umlaut will have to wait until next spring to re-compete for the quarterback position. My gut tells me there’s no way I can see him moving to TE permanently – he’s still a four-star, highly-rated-nationally QB at heart.

Such a shame. I’ve always been in Robby’s corner (el Kaiser will testify to that); most of his shortcomings were of the “ball underthrown into the turf at mach 1” variety. However, as the last half of the season showed, underthrown balls was also something that Boeckman wrestled with as well.

Still, Tressel said:

“As we looked at ourselves trying to work out a No. 2 and a No. 3 both, we didn’t see progression being made that we needed… And you’d better go in with two quarterbacks ready to win, especially in a championship game. We just thought it was hard to get three guys reps.”

In other words – my own translation here – “It looks like we’re going to get Terrell Pryor.” If that happens, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Schoënhoft and Bauserman transfer. No need to have five QBs, especially if only one of them can qualify to redshirt.



  1. The Umlaut goes above the ‘o’ and you drop the e.

  2. Look for Henton to get some playing time in the Bourbon Bowl. Word on the street is that he’s been getting a decent amount of the snaps in practice.

    Perhaps a wrinkle the SweaterVest has in store for LSU?

  3. Scheonhoft, is not a major D1A quarterback. He is horribly erratic, has horrible fundamentals as a passer and is Zwick like when under any kind of pressure.

    Scheonhoft, should consider a permanent move to another position. He will NEVER be a starter at OSU…

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