Way to go, Purdue

…although thanks A LOT for leaving me with short fingernails. Hope they grow out by January 7th.

The Boilermakers – well, their offense at least – started the Big 10 bowl season off admirably. Joe Tiller did just about everything he could to lose it for them, with some very odd play calls and clock management in the last five minutes. Had C-Mich not been so effective on their last drive, leaving over a minute on the clock after their tying score, Tiller’s likeness would likely be burning in effigy in West Lafayette tonight.

Oh, and Curtis Painter against the 111th best passing defense in the country? 546 yards passing. Three receivers over 100 yards. Stud. Here’s hoping he has a good pro career somewhere.


  1. no lie, when Dustin Keller scored that touchdown at the end of the first quarter to go up 21-6, my dad and I had the exact same thought at the exact same time: okay, now how can Purdue find a way to wang this lead in spectacular fashion.

    Sure enough.

    But here’s hoping the more manly teams in the Big Ten don’t disappoint. Keep your eyes on the Hoosiers as well (if you have the NFL Network); I think they’ll turn some heads.

    Go Bucks!

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