Scandal brewing?

FootballThis is either the shameful start of some serious character assassination, born of retaliatory motives – or the beginning of what could turn out to be a major story.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Stephan Pamon, a Big 10 referee, has some serious skeletons in his closet involving all sorts of shady activities, from child abuse to gambling problems.

Pamon refs the crew that was disciplined for the curious officiating during the Purdue/Penn State debacle. A week after that, his same crew was responsible for the officiating errors that are widely accepted to have cost Ohio State an unbeaten season.

“News of the controversial calls and the reported suspension of Pamon’s crew troubled two retired law-enforcement officers and one active law-enforcement officer who worked with Pamon in the early 1990s on the Chicago Terrorism Task Force. They suspected Pamon might have a gambling problem.

“The three former members of the task force, who spoke with Yahoo! Sports on condition of anonymity because they feared violating law enforcement protocol, said Pamon once made a phone call from Las Vegas to several task force members in the early 1990s, told them he was low on money and asked them to wire him about $400 each.”

It’s important to note that, in all fairness, there is currently no indication that Pamon gambled on any games, but the Big 10 has a strict policy against its officials gambling on sports of any kind.


H/T: The Nittany Line

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