Caption contest – NFL Buckeyes edition

FootballOkay, folks, have at it… what are these two men, best friends since high school and reunited on an NFL field, saying to each other?



  1. I’ll go first…

    “Look out behind ya Ted here comes Roy Hall!! SIKE!”

    “Ah, T, you get me every time with that one!”

  2. Troy: Honestly, purple and teal, I think these two teams are marketing to “alternative” fans?

  3. …Troy: “That’s what she said.”

  4. Ginn- When did you get here? … Did you come to watch me play?

    Smith- No, I’m with the Ravens.

    Ginn- Like, you’re a fan of the Ravens.

    Smith- No, I play for them… you know at QB.

    Ginn- Oh Troy. You always were a joker. Glad you got to come down and see me.

  5. Drew – LOL

  6. Option 1:
    Troy – “I can’t seem to beat you Florida teams, but that Heisman sure looks nice in my house.”

    Option 2:
    Troy to Ginn – “You must have picked up some of that SEC speed. Is it contagious down here?”

    Option 3:
    Ginn to Troy – “Is that sweat on your neck? Did you run all the way over here to say hello because I know you didn’t play a down?”

  7. Troy: So you think our boys have a chance against those super-fly, super-fast cats out of Lousiana?

    Ginn: *giggles uncontrollably*

  8. Troy to Ted: They think I suck, they think I am too short, they think I can’t handle an NFL offense, they told me to take my Heisman and Go away— well I am going to make them forget about that Vince Young dude.

    Ted to Troy: Man, I wish you were throwing me the rock this year because the QB’s here really suck bad…. I am wide open 50% of the time and they can’t get it to me.

    Troy to Ted: I’m sorry we lost the Championship game last year, I thought I could hit the Buffet circuit, bang every chick in sight, sit around my hotel rooms and watch myself on continous loop winning the Heisman… I didn’t really think that Florida would bring their A+ game…

    Ted to Troy: Man, I ran that first Kickoff back and that douchebag Roy Hall took me out like a Jackass…. I hope he learns to celebrate!

    Troy to Ted: Ah Memeories…. Go Bucks–Beat LSU.

  9. “We’re rich Biotch”

  10. Damn we looked better in scarlet & gray!

  11. Ginn (laughing) – How’d you keep your uniform so clean today? Oh, that’s right, Kyle Boller plays in front of you!

  12. Troy: “I miss you”

    Teddy: “I miss you more.”

    Troy: “Huh-huh, I miss you way more.”

    Teddy: “Not possible. I miss you the most…”

  13. Teddy: Dude I am constantly getting hounded down here by this bum on the street trying to sell me a National Championship ring.

    Troy: Oh, don’t worry thats Chris Leak, he just got cut from the Canadian league.

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