MotSaG EXCLUSIVE – Michigan note to Miles revealed

FootballLSU athletic department officials recently intercepted a copy of a note intended to be delivered to Les Miles. The message was reportedly aimed at convincing the head coach to consider a head coaching job at Michigan.

While the source of the note is only listed as “UM bloggers,” the specific author remains a mystery. (We’re looking at you, MGoBlog & MZone & MaizeNBrew & MSC.)

An anonymous source in the LSU athletic department provided that note to MotSaG, and we present it for public perusal here.

— Click here to see the note —

(Update: We were having problems with the link; should be fixed now)


  1. Monkeysister says

    God I love you!! You are my hero! ;>)

  2. My guess is it was not written by a UM graduate. I can understand what the note says.

    Q. How do you get a UM student off your front porch?

    A. Pay him for the pizza.

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