OSU/UM semi-live update

End of 1st Quarter
UM 3, OSU 0

UM is not stopping Ohio State. The Buckeyes’ inability to handle the weather conditions is what’s stopping OSU. They’re stopping themselves with slips, fumbles, etc.

So long as the Buckeyes calm down, I’m not worried about the rest of the game. Protect the football, place your feet surely, and good things will happen.

End of half
OSU 7, UM 3

Uh-oh – Evil Boeckman is here. Underthrown balls. The difference between this game and any other this year is the lack of the vertical passing game. That plus some extremely questionable offensive play calling makes this game aberrant, even considering the loss last week. Again, UM is not playing well; it’s OSU’s offensive mistakes and coaching that’s keeping the game close.

Officials – As we feared, in addition to a great UM team, and some pretty horrible weather, once again OSU is being to play against the officials this week. No other crew would have the guts to deliberately ignore that intentional grounding play on Henne, or the blatant missed PI in the first quarter.

Historically, nobody makes second-half adjustments like Tressel (with the exception of last week). So you’ve got to think that the fact the game is still close favors Tressel.

End of 3rd Quarter
OSU 14, UM 3

Both RBs are playing hurt, but OSU’s line is actually helping Beanie. Disappointing to see three Buckeye drives stop just shy of FG range (wasn’t the second one in range for Pretorius, yet Tressel punted anyway?)

THE GAME IS FAR FROM OVER, PEOPLE. All Mallet’s heard all week is just how much he stinks. But Michigan doesn’t recruit quarterbacks that aren’t talented. Make no mistake – Mallet could win this game for UM. It’s up to the OSU offensive line to keep drives going, score or not, to keep UM off the field.

Oh, and PI for UM, but ball is “uncatchable,” so no call. Minutes later, an uncatchable throw by UM, but PI is called. Still no balance to the officiating.

End of Game
OSU 14, UM 3

What can you say? Game balls to Beanie and Gholston.


  1. This is the worse conditioned field I’ve ever seen! The Wolverines are at a distinct advantage, they just run straight ahead while our guys need good field conditions to make cuts. This is inexcusable.

  2. Proudbuck67 says

    I’m more concerned with the officiating “AGAIN”. Horrible no call on Henne’s last pass of the half. Thank Goodness it didn’t lead to points. I am looking for the contact information to Delaney’s office, this is getting way out of hand. Ohio State continues to have to play the least penalized teams every week, hard to continue to win. GO BUCKS!

  3. kaiser – LOL. Glad to see your tongue planted firmly in cheek. 🙂


  5. win or lose, i think we only get one more game with gholston in a buckeye jersey. he is having an unbelievable game.

  6. i propose a weeksworth of gholston shots after his performance today.

  7. Michigan Dave says

    Congrats. Gholston is a beast.

  8. Great performances by Beanie and Gholston. Not so much for Hart and Henne. 0-4 must hurt. Go Bucks, #ich*g%n still sucks!!!!

  9. Buckeye in Texas says

    I just had a multiple orgholston

  10. @darren – I propose that your idea is the greatest idea ever.

    @Michigan Dave – Thanks for stopping by. Your team was pretty banged up but fought tough.

    @Dave – I wish we could clone Beanie and Vernon and then make whole teams out of them.

  11. I say we dedicate the whole site to Gholston. What a beast.

    Even Laurinaitis had a mancrush on him after the game.

  12. LOL @ Buckeye in Texas!

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