So do southern schools recruit Northern Slowness?

Billy Tucker, your article isn’t worth the electrons it took to display it on my ViewSonic. No, it’s much more useful to print out a copy and line my bird cage with it.

Plucking three high-profile prospects out of the state of Florida — where there is unparalleled speed — might be Ohio State’s biggest accomplishment. Size and strength on both sides of the line has never been an issue.

In case you haven’t heard, #1 LB recruit Etienne Sabino committed to Ohio State over the weekend. And the media is going crazy over the fact that he’s from Florida, and of course, the rule of journalism states that anytime the words “Ohio State” and “Florida” are in the same sentence, you are required to make a comment on how the Buckeyes wish they had that famous “unparalleled Florida speed.” Proof? Proof:

Screengrab from Tucker’s article.

Starting? Starting?!?

Where did this myth – the one of speed only coming from Florida – come from? Certainly not from reality. There is a great tradition of speed at Ohio State. From Jesse Owens to Butch Reynolds to Ted Ginn, some of the world’s fastest humans had their finest moments in the Horseshoe. In fact, OSU athletes have combined for 77 Olympic medals, more than most nations. Where along the way did the “south” become the only place to find speed?

The reality is that one doesn’t go to the south for speed, no matter what the more unimaginative members of the media might say. Coaches can get that anywhere. You go to the south for a player for the exact same reason you’d go to California, or New York, or even South Africa – because he’s exceptionally talented and you think he might fit into your scheme.

Tucker: OSU currently has a dozen players on the roster from southern states, including Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. This is not a new phenomenon.

But what I find interesting is that the Florida Gators also have 12 players on their roster from northern states, including Michigan, New York, Indiana, and Connecticut. How come we haven’t seen ESPN publish articles questioning Urban Meyer’s recruiting of “northern slowness?” Wait, I know – because everyone knows that would sound stupid.


  1. Bravo sir, bravo.

    It’s really getting annoying isn’t it? I mean, when we beat Miami, everyone marveled at our speed on defense. Suddenly, 5 years later we’re actively recruiting slow people. Wait, I just got my LOI in the mail. Sweet, I’m gong to OSU with my 6.2 40.

    This slobbery over the “South” needs to stop.

  2. Some of Ohio State’s finest players have come from Florida. Like Maurice Wells, our third-best RB. Chimdi Chekwa, our slowest defensive back. I really do wish we had more speed like James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Saine, Ray Small and Brian Hartline have.

  3. tOSUBuckeyes says

    Knowshon Moreno is from New Jersey and he’s probably the second best back in the SEC. The guy has been ripping throuhg the SEC this year for Georgia.

    The speed myth started with Steve Spurrier bringing the spread, west coast offense to Florida and dominating the SEC with it.

    This is another reason why it continues, watch the entire video:

    Go Buckeyes!!! Beat Michigan.

  4. tOSU – yep… Corso and Herbie are just as guilty of pushing the myth as anyone else. Here in C-bus on Hooley’s daily show they regularly play Herbie’s “SEC Speed” statement as a sound byte. For comedic purposes.

    Thanks for the link – seeing Tony Hunt put the SEC in its place was very satisfying.

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