Carr’s out

LLLLoydMGoBlog is reporting that Lloyd Carr has leaked news of his impending retirement to the media.

As everyone expected he would, he’s doing it the week of the big game. It’s his last resort play, the last card he has in his pocket, the last bit of coaching he can scrabble together. The old “win the last one for me, boys” motivator.

Will it work? Will it fire up the Wolverines? Will it get the Ann Arbor fans to shake their keys even more vigorously? Will it get Corso to wear the Wolverine headgear?

We’ll see this Saturday. If Bo’s death couldn’t motivate a more talented team in 2006, though, it’s hard to believe how much more effective this news will be. Especially considering the players he recruited might feel a bit betrayed (as is often the case with retirements like this).

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