Ladies and gentlemen, SO WHAT!?!

OSU FootballSo OSU didn’t make it to the BCS game again.

Fans from ages past would hang their heads in shame at the lot of you.

You’re upset over a Big 10 record 20 straight conference victories?!?

You’re upset over a 28-game regular season winning streak?!?

You’re upset over two straight Big Ten championships?!?

You’re upset that your team has been dominant enough have a chance to beat Michigan for ANOTHER championship, and a trip to the Rose Bowl for the first time in ten years?!?

You’re actually angry?!?



Ohio State isn’t defined by its loss this weekend!!

THIS is Ohio State Football!!

Link to clip, H/T to Jeff @ the BBC, as always.


  1. YEAH!!


  2. You’re right monkey!

    We have nothing to be ashamed of! GO BUCKEYES BEAT MICHIGAN…


  3. Amen, brutha!

    As a bonus, the Browns are winning, beating the unbearable Steelers! Hines Ward and his cartoon teeth is the new Elway.

  4. Hell. Yes. Beat Michigan – nothing would be sweeter than ensuring Hart, Henne, and Long go 0-fer against the Buckeyes. The Rose Bowl sounds good, too. USC? Arizona State? Whoever it is, that would be a great game.

  5. we are the bucks only true champs bleed scarlet and gray. Lets go up to anarbor and really give those varmits they call michigan and let them know who the real big ten champs are.

  6. Thanks kaiser and sportsmonkey. This has been one hell of a season and knocking the skunk weasels around on their home field will only make it better. I want to smell those roses, baby!!

  7. Let’s be honest: this team wasn’t going to be ready for a serious title run until next year. Yeah, everyone was feeling great being undefeated and all, but we really didn’t DESERVE it the Big 10 just didn’t have anyone to stand up to us. I, personally, welcome Zook and Illinois to the Big Ten just so we now have a real genuine high-quality spread offense team to work on during the year. C’mon, if Juice or whoever that guy was did that to the boys, what would Dixon (who is light years better at that stuff) have done to us in the BCS championship? I personally will take this over another spread embarrassment in the BCS title game. At least this week they face someone the OSU defense was designed to face.

  8. Thanks, guys…I have a new one coming out on Thursday. It should be well worth the wait…..

  9. Suh-weet, BBC! Can’t wait to see it.

  10. In my dear mother’s eyes no matter how many games the Buckeyes could loss in a year. If the Bucks beat the team from up north then that was a winning season.

    In fact when my father as transfered to the Navy base in Grosse Ile Michigan in 1959 as a very loyal OSU fan she would not move up there with my father and made him come home to Columbus Ohio on the weekends that he could. This continued until he retaired from the Navy in 1967

  11. As far as I am concerned there is no other team. A perfect season would have been great but our boys only lost ONE game. To unranked Illinois!!! Cut me a break. The game does not matter. Our boys have to stay focused for the trip to Ann Arbor. We need this game the most. There is no doubt in my mind that we will defeat the Blue. They are lousy. Luck out on any wins this season. I am proud to call the “Buckeyes” my team. Always!!! GO Scarlet and Gray!!!! Number one always.


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