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OSU FootballOhio State plays its third away-game-at-night of the season this weekend (*cough*unfair*cough*), and it’s against one of the top defenses in the country.

As of week 9, OSU and PSU have no common opponents. So, this week, we’re presenting the numbers from Penn State’s home games and Ohio State’s away games.

The tables list the opponent(s) in chronological order down the first column, and include the following ‘important’ stats: total points (Pts), total yards (Yds), total first downs (Dwns), and turnovers (TOs); for each team and its opponent (Opp).

Table 1: Penn State Home Games

  Pts Pts (opp) Yds Yds (opp) Frst Dwns Dwns (opp) TOs TOs (opp)
Florida International 59 0 549 114 27 7 2 5
Notre Dame 31 10 295 144 19 9 3 1
Buffalo 45 24 393 395 22 20 2 2
Iowa 27 7 489 194 26 8 3 0
AVERAGE 40.5 10.3 431.5 211.8 23.5 11 2.5 2


Table 2: Ohio State Away Games

  Pts Pts (opp) Yds Yds (opp) Frst Dwns Dwns (opp) TOs TOs (opp)
Washington 33 14 481 346 21 20 0 4
Minnesota 30 7 459 277 24 15 1 2
Purdue 23 7 381 272 20 15 3 1
AVERAGE 28.7 9.3 440.3 298.3 21.7 16.7 1.3 2.3


Ooohhh… a juicy comparison. Here are some points for argument:

  • Penn State’s numbers are better overall… BUT Penn State’s home opponents rank 118, 119, 85, and 109 (respectively) in total offense (out of 119 teams overall). Put simply, the worst of the worst.
  • PSU’s home opponents’ combined average yards per game (ypg) is 268.4. Note that the Lions are allowing 211.8 ypg. In other words, Penn State is holding home opponents to 57 fewer yards than their average.
  • OSU’s away opponents’ combined average ypg is 403.8. OSU is holding these opponents to 106 fewer yards per game. (And remember, they’re doing so in away-at-night environments).

What say you? Personally, the more I look at the numbers, it seems clear that the Nittany Lions’ offense will hardly challenge the Buckeyes at all. Like last week, Penn State’s best chance for an upset is to hope for multiple defensive scores. Joe Pa needs turnovers to have a chance to win this game.


  1. So I know that the PSU fans have been camping out all week next to the STADIUM….. it will be a crazy atmosphere. The stadium is the loudest I have ever visited.

    Having said all that….. if we score first and often the only noise we will here will be Joe Pa POOPING his pants again.

    This should not be a game at all if OSU plays thier game and doesnt let the crowd effect them.

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