First place vote?

OSU FootballThat jarring, crashing, concussive rumble you heard over the weekend was nothing more than the construction work being done by the CFB voters as they wrenched all the teams in the top ten into new positions.

Quietly hidden in the cacophony, however, is a little nugget that has gone largely unnoticed:


We all know the obvious question, here.

So who was it? Bielima? Brewster? Spurrier, perhaps motivated to atone for his boneheadedness last week?

I wonder if it was Ty Willingham. Washington played against OSU and USC just two weeks apart. Maybe his team’s near-upset and 24-point performance against USC convinced him that OSU was playing better ball, and motivated him to pull his vote from Carroll and give it to the Sweatervest. That wouldn’t explain where Cal and LSU fit into his rankings, however.

What do you think?


  1. It’s Joe Tiller.

  2. @Ben – I thought it was either Willingham or Tiller. Is that your guess or do you know something?


  4. I’m going to say it was probably Mark May. He’s a big fan.

  5. Zach – yeah, that hit the news last weekend. Probably won’t find anything out for another two weeks.

  6. two weeks ago??? man i am so far behind

  7. zach – not “two weeks ago,” I meant that the Big Ten’s final ruling is expected in about two weeks.

  8. what do you think will happen?

    From what i read a lot of the people who posted comments on ESPN think that it was a paperwork mistake and not a big deal.

    Do you know why the kid couldn’t play?

    I do know though that when Cooper was coach dispite his poor record in bowl games & against M*ch*g*n what (in my opinion) did him in was allowing Reggie Germany (i think it was him or Rambo) play in games with a 0.0 gpa.

  9. zach – not sure… it’ll probably come down to whether or not there’s a precedent for forfeiture.

    BTW: A small but important detail: Germany’s 0.0 was for fall quarter, so Cooper didn’t “let him play” with it. When Germany earned his 0.0, Coop benched him & then Germany was declared ineligible for the bowl game.

  10. LEAVE REGGIE GERMANY ALONE! (CHRIS CROCKER IMPRESSION) I know in Ohsaa rules you cannot play someone who is ineligable or you will have to forfeit all games they played in, so hopefully scUM will find out mid november that they have to forfeit all the games and when the Bucks come to town they will officially go winless! Oooooh dreams 🙂

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