UM’s 2-2: Electric Boogaloo

— Scene: University of Michigan Locker Room Pep Talk, 3:00 EDT 22 Sept. 2007 —

Carr: “Who are we?!?”


Carr: “Push it!!”


Carr: “Rock it!!”


Carr: “Break it!!”


Carr: “Who’d we lose to?!?”

Team: “I-AA APP STATE!!”

Carr: “And who made us look like high-schoolers on national TV?!?”

Team: “OREGON!!”

Carr: “And have we learned any humility or developed any class yet?!?”

Team: “NO!!”


If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are the ESPN highlights from Michigan’s famous game against ElectroRock University. Ah, I totally forgot how awesome Ozone “ShabaDoo” was at quarterback. Those were good times.

Sing it wit me: “din DAA DAA da doh doh, din DAA DAA doh doh…”


  1. I heard about that, but hadn’t seen it yet.

    What a douchebag.

  2. The YouTube video page says it’s Mario Manningham.

    Has he no dignity?

    Manningham’s line from the Penn State game:
    6 catches, 61 yards.

    That’s some serious offensive fire power… In a pillow fight… With little girls.

  3. That’s probably the lamest thing I’ve seen or heard about in a while. And it’s been a day full of lame news.

  4. Yeah, God forbid a college kid be excited about a win. Especially after a horrific start to a season.

    And no, it’s not Manningham. The kid is so shy you practically have to shove him into a reporter to get him to say anything. Since you all are so obsessed with us I’m sure one of you will study it like the Zapruder tape to find who the “douchebag” really is. Good luck!

  5. @UM96 – I think there’s a difference between being excited about a win and doing the worm. If he had done that after a game winning touchdown, he would have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. If he wants to celebrate, shouldn’t he be doing it with his teammates? And shouldn’t the horrific start to the season temper the elation of the victory a little bit?

    And I don’t care if it’s Manningham or Santa Claus, it still seems pretty uncool to act that way at the end of a hard fought game. I would have guessed it was a reserve who had absolutely no impact on the game at all. Which cheapens it even more.

    I was just going off of what the video on YouTube said.

  6. UM96 – This wasn’t celebration, which includes yelling, hugs, high fives, chest bumps, etc.

    This was “nyahh nyahh” taunting, plain and simple. Manningham (or whoever it was) was rubbing it in to the PSU players and bench. Kaiser is right… the only reason it wasn’t flagged as unsportsmanlike conduct is because it was the last play of the game. You can clearly see the ref was surprised by it.

    As for “obsession…” hm… so, some UM sites had Henton’s picture up within 20 minutes of the news breaking in C-bus… but THAT’S not obsessing? Hey, at least if someone in Detroit wearing a UM jersey got arrested for fondling his junk in a public library, you wouldn’t see us using it as fodder to incriminate the entire university. (Thanks, eK) No, we all know which fans are the obsessive ones nowadays.

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