Henton in jail

OSU FootballOSU’s third string QB, Antonio Henton, was arrested yesterday on charges of “soliciting.” More details to come.

New, updated Link.

UPDATE: Antonio Henton has been suspended from the team indefinitely. His academic status at tOSU is unchanged.

Initial Analysis:
Yes, it’s a bad thing that a crime was committed. But let’s avoid the melodrama that will no doubt seize control of the anti-OSU crowd, shall we? These are kids, making dumb mistakes. They must learn to accept the consequences.

Moreover, it’s not really that bad of a black eye for the university. What more proof do you need of your coaches’ control over the players than the fact that one was caught sneaking to a Kroger parking lot, at 8:30 p.m., to solicit some $20 booty? (Wonder if he was trying to use his Plus card.) Clearly it wasn’t easy for him to get girls. Clearly he was afraid of breaking curfew. Clearly he didn’t have any extra money (or his standards would have been, shall we say, “higher”). Ergo, the athletes are being controlled just fine.

No matter what anyone says, there’s just no way to control everyone’s actions all the time. Kids will do what kids will do… you can do everything in your power to educate them and create an environment free from temptations, but in the end, impulsive things will happen. It’s at that moment that consequences become extremely important.

BTW UM fans and bloggers: Before you start with the “OMG tOSU teh suk” posts and comments, you might want to revisit some relevant history.

Update 2 (el Kaiser): Like SYR mentioned in the comments, it appears that the charges appear to have been dismissed. Not sure about that, but that’s what the Franklin County site lists. We’ll be on top of this as it happens.

Update 3 (el Kaiser): Updated link to citation. Thanks, Jeff.


  1. Arrrggh. Are you kidding me? This is exactly what we don’t need.

    Let us hope for some kind of misunderstanding.

  2. What alarms me is why he was doing this at 8:30pm?! Isn’t that something you “don’t do” before midnight?

  3. Word is he was paying $20 for intercourse. When did sex become $20 cheap?!

  4. at least he was following the curfew rules……..woohoo

  5. I went to the link and it shows the case CLOSED and DISMISSED. Am I missing something here?

  6. SYR… his arraignment was at 9am this morning… the link refers to that part of it only.

  7. kaiser & SYR: “Dismissed” in this case doesn’t mean it’s over, it means it’s dismissed from the arraignment docket.

    He pleaded not guilty, and was given a $2500 bond.

  8. monkey – that’s a pretty poor choice of wording.

  9. Are you referring to his fine Buckeye teeth? LOL.

    BTW, I did some googling and found that there are, like, 15 different “types” of dismissal, including summary judgments, etc… so I don’t think that this is a situation that includes him getting off from charges in any way.

  10. Case not dismissed. The original file online appears dismissed, but a second file with the same charge is opened, this time with Henton’s real birthday. A clerical error may have led to the first file appearing to be dismissed.


  11. Ah, thanks, Jeff.

  12. Brutus4A Day says

    On the contrary; kicking his sorry worthless ass off the team will send a clear message. A football scholarship at OSU is a responsibility; NOT a right to do whatever the f**k you want.

  13. Brutus4A Day says

    If I wanted to support a team with no class, I’d be wearing maize and blue.

  14. At least he had the right idea. He was shopping for things in and around Kroger.

    Anyone else hear that his girlfriend bailed him out? Except for Henton not playing for a while, I actually find this story comical.

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