Bucks to play three night road games

OSU FootballThe schedule for the 2007 season is being finalized, and all of OSU’s away games (except Michigan) will occur at night.

The Buckeyes will visit Minnesota (Sept. 29th), Purdue (Oct 6th), and Penn State (Oct 27th). Each game will have an 8 p.m. kickoff.

I understand that the Buckeyes are a heavy TV draw, hence the increasing number of night games over the past few years. But speaking as a fan, I dislike night games. Granted, if they occur once in a while, it can be an exciting experience. But night games are for high-schoolers, not college football players.

And if having three night games in a season seems excessive; having all three of them on the road borders on unfair.

Still, the season looks exciting. OSU begins a home-and-home with PAC-10 foe Washington, and Tressel’s kryptonite (Wisconsin) is finally back on the OSU schedule.



  1. A Buckeye Fan I Am I Am says

    It’s pure pleasure seeing OSU beating the U of Meatchicken, but the opportunity for Tressel to correct the perplexing record with Wisconsin will be just as treasured viewing (if not more).

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