Spring game this Saturday

OSU FootballThe Troy Smith and Ted(dy) Ginn, Jr. era is behind us, and we’ve entered into the Beanie Wells and [INSERT ANY ONE OF THREE QUARTERBACKS’ NAME HERE] era.

In other words, Tresselball is back. We had a bit of a break from late 2005 to late 2006, when Sweatervest opened up the offense and expected no fewer than 28 points a game.

Stock up on antacids… You cannot resist the Tresselball…

Make no mistake: it’s unlikely those types of game plans will continue. What is more likely is that Tressel will “return to form,” with schemes that rely on smothering defense, an offense that doesn’t screw up, and close games that make fans chew their nails deep into the fourth quarter. It’s very early to make any sort of predictions, but it sure seems like there are a lot of parallels between the 2007 Buckeyes and the 2006 Trojans. Both teams lost the championship game, then lost their marquee offensive talents to the NFL. Both teams relied/will rely on a stingy defense to keep them in the hunt for conference titles. Pete Carroll sometimes wears a sweater vest. And so on. At any rate, the 2006 USC team managed to reload and pick up right where it left off, which is of course exactly what OSU fans are hoping for this season.

Speaking of defense, Lawrence Wilson was selected as the first player in OSU’s internal draft for this weekend’s spring game. Quarterback-wise, all three candidates will split even time this Saturday, as Tressel tries to fill the largest hole in his offense. There’s no indication yet as to which QB will get the job. Personally, I’m hoping it’s Henton, only because his name is so much easier to type than Schoënhoft and Boeckman. Coding that umlaut is a pain in the rear. (Amperstand – e – u – m – l – semicolon, for your future reference.)

But if I’m forced to choose between the two crazy-named kids, I’m going with Schoënhoft. 6’6″, 240 lbs, and can throw the football through a brick wall. Having a Peyton Manning-ish QB for the next three years sounds like a great idea to me.

Of course we’ll have much, much more to say as the summer progresses and the season nears, so stay tuned. In the meantime, your homework assignment is to read Pfef’s awesome analysis of the three quarterbacks:

Boeckman | Schoënhoft | Henton


  1. All hail the punt!

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