A new era begins

Columbus ClippersAs of this spring, the Columbus Clippers have ended their decades-long affiliation with the New York Yankees. Moving into the Yankees’ place as Columbus’ parent organization are the Washington Nationals.

This change should breathe a bit of life into the ballclub. The Yankees have moved all of their minor leaguers to their new affiliate in Scranton, so we’ll have an entirely new team – from managers to players – dressing in Clippers pinstripes this year.

The change also brings another benefit. The Clippers are no longer affiliated with an American-league team. The move to the DH-less National League will mean that we’ll finally be able to see pitchers swinging bats, the way baseball was meant to be played.

To generate some excitement in the city, and hopefully start off on a good foot with existing Clippers fans, the Nationals will be playing the Baltimore Orioles at Cooper Stadium tomorrow (March 29th):


True, the Columbus sports universe still centers around the Buckeyes and Blue Jackets, but the Clippers games are still one of the best family experiences in the city. Where else can you take your kids on a delightfully cool spring evening, relax with a delicious ten-cent hot dog and a hoppy beer, watch players in clean uniforms running on the bright green grass, while the buildings on the Columbus skyline turn orange from the setting Sun? Spring is here!

Columbus Clippers
Washington Nationals


  1. Yea that’s great, but I’m sure everyone in C-Bus who actually pays attention to baseball is pretty pissed that the Yanks leave town the year Phil Hughes (best pitching prospect in baseball) is supposed to be in AAA.

  2. we’ll finally be able to see pitchers swinging bats, the way baseball was meant to be played

    Ahhh… a man after my own heart. Death to the DH!!!

  3. Who would watch a Columbus AAA team in Ohio when we already have the World Famous Mud Hens? Anyone? Anyone?

    Just kidding. Go Bucks.

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