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OSU FootballOSU LogoIn the 2005/2006 season, the Ohio State University became the first major school in history to win conference titles in all three major sports: men’s football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

In this 2006/2007 season, tOSU has done it again, again, and again!

What a high bar has been set by these young men and women! Not only accomplishing something that had never been done before, but doing it two years in a row. This record is one that very well might be impossible to beat.

One final point: the group of youths on these six squads accomplished this while under the strongest microscope in NCAA history. Thanks to the scandals of O’Brien and HWSNBN (or, more to the point, “no thanks to…”); over the past two years, the university, the media, and the NCAA have lived in the hip pockets of these student athletes. Athletes have been watched like hawks. Bank accounts have been scrutinized and audited. Even apartments and dorm rooms have been broken into. And, through all that, the athletes have ground their teeth, kept their noses clean, and quietly succeeded in dominating their conference competition for two years straight.

Way to go, ladies and gents! Go Bucks!


  1. WoodyHayes says

    Wow, I didn’t even really realize what has been accomplished.

    I was about to submit this one to Fark but I realized you may not want that level of traffic if it went green. Just for future reference would it be alright with you guys were I to submit certain things from here?

  2. The Buckeyes rule!

    I wonder why this is the first I have seen this stat. Maybe ESPN doesn’t know? Or maybe it’s because OSU is not Notre Dame or a something?

    Anyway, O-H-

  3. I-O!

    Woody: Feel free to submit away. We’ve been Deadspinned several times, and have been able to handle it. Any objections, el Kaiser?

  4. Deadspin not exactly == Fark. 🙂

    Here’s some code to bullet-proof your site from the big boys via a redirect to Coral Cache: Clicky


  1. […] I’m sure the article touches on this, but the man with the big plan was Andy Geiger. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but some huge hires (Tressel, Matta, Foster, etc.) and his work upgrading the facilities are paying off (literally). The facilities and coaches help lure the recruits that win the games and the winning of games fires up the cash register. (If I were brighter and had a staff of economists, it would be interesting to study the economy in Columbus after a big loss compared to a period following a big win.) […]

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