Let’s Make Some Noise

Block O.bmp The atmosphere for Sunday’s match-up between the Buckeyes and Badgers should be reminiscent of the ’05 game when unbeaten Illinois visited the Schott. Illinois left Columbus that day stunned when Matt Sylvester’s 3-pointer at the buzzer sent shockwaves around Columbus. I am endlessly baffled why it takes an undefeated opponent or a 1 vs. 2 match-up for Buckeye Basketball fans to wake up and cheer. It is embarrassing when TV announcers comment over and over about the lack of fan noise in Value City Arena.

What makes me ever more frustrated is the fact that Buckeye fans have something to cheer about. The fans of pretty much every other team in the Big Ten put Buckeye fans to shame in the cheering department. I realize the Buckeyes don’t have their students behind the benches like most schools which contributes negatively to the atmosphere (whole different subject). I’ll give you that one, but it can’t be used as an excuse to pout and sit on your hands.

I’ve heard all the excuses before. “It’s going to be different this year…we’ve got Oden, Conley, Cook etc.,” result – silence. The season starts, “wait till Oden gets in the line up the Schott will be rockin” result – silence. “Wait until the Big Ten season” result – silence. The season is almost over and I’m still waiting.

I have no doubt that I won’t be disappointed on Sunday. Why does it take a 1 vs. 2 match-up for fans to cheer? Why do fans have to be reminded by a stupid bell to get out of their seats and make some noise?

Stand up and make some noise!


  1. Woody Hayes says

    You pretty much said my thoughts on the matter so I can’t really add too much of value, nice piece though.

  2. I watched most of the game, and it seemed like the noise level was better than it had been in the past. Anyone else go to the game? If so, how was it?

  3. Maybe the stadium is designed in such a way as to absorb or redirect much of the crowd noise? I have only been to one OSU B-ball game and it did seem quite. Due to the lack of yelling and screaming I did not yell and scream. What is the cause and what is the effect?

  4. Bobster- I am not certain about the acoustics of the building.

    >>What is the cause and what is the effect?<< I think the fans need to show the team their appreciation for the great accomplishments and success. One way you can do that is to stand up and cheer. To me it is not all about making the Schott an intimidating place to visit (however that is one important factor of crowd noise).

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