Mid-BigTen Season Basketball Grades: Part 2

Block O.bmpAs promised here is part two of three of the basketball team analysis.

Part One: Mike Conley Jr., Jamar Butler, and Ron Lewis
Part Two: Ivan Harris, Daequan Cook, and David Lighty
Part Three: Greg Oden, Othello Hunter,and Matt Terwilliger

Feel free to add your grades and evaluation in the comments section.

Ivan Harris.jpgIvan Harris: B
Harris has been a pleasant surprise this season. His game is pretty one dimensional, but when he gets hot he can light it up from 3 point range. You would think he would not be very difficult to guard, but to his credit he always seems to be open for the 3. He is a prime example of a complimentary role player. Ivan has really raised his game from last year. He has been nicknamed the microwave by ESPN’s Steve Lavin.

Daequan Cook.jpgDaequan Cook: B+
Instant Offense! Daequan looks to create his own shot. On more than one occasion he has throw up a runner or a fade away jumper that just makes you shake you head and wonder how the ball went in the basket. He has had his fair share of amazing dunks as well *see picture*. I have really been impressed with Cook’s game. Daequan has also shown the ability to post up on the block when he draws a height mismatch. He has a good all-around game and will become even a more complete player as he develops on the defensive end.

David Lighty.jpgDavid Lighty: B-
There is not a whole lot to say about Lighty. The best compliment he can be given at this point is that he has been considered the defensive stopper from day one. At the risk of being redundant, that is a lot of responsibility for Matta to place on a freshman. Lighty, when on the floor, will draw the assignment of guarding the opponent’s best guard. David’s offense needs to be improved, but as long as continues to play great D he will get the minutes.


  1. Groovy pic of Daequan! I love the fans in the bg, too.

    Great set of posts, Zeke.

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