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FootballI guess MotSaG wouldn’t be much of a sports blog if we didn’t say at least a few words on Prince’s concert the Super Bowl…

Does anyone else see the parallels between the NFL championship and the BCS title game, here?

    Team A has a prolific offense, at times completely unstoppable. It’s led by a stud QB, who everyone concurs is at the top of his game. Team B has a “hot and cold” offense, that, while not spectacular, manages to do just enough to pull victories out. Its QB is an average, much maligned player who gets a lot of negative publicity.

    Team A was convincingly dominant against most of its opponents, while Team B scrapped, clawed, and struggled its way to the championship game.

    Team B is largely respected for its impressive defense.

    Team A’s last game was against its archrival, with the winner earning a berth in the championship game. It was the most hyped rivalry game in its history, with the most emotional consequences. Team A won by just a few points, with the game going down to the final minute.

    Team A is a seven point favorite over Team B. The analysts, pundits, and fans all seem to believe that Team A will win in a blowout.

Has history taught us anything? Okay, so I agree the comparison is largely coincidence, and not very quantifiable. If you want quantifiable, consider this: Most of the time, Super Bowls are won by the team with the better defense.

While I personally think it’d be a great moment to see Peyton Manning holding the trophy, I’m leaning toward picking da Bears to pull the victory out in this one.

What say you?


  1. Disclaimer: I’m from Chicago.

    “Team A was convincingly dominant against most of its opponents, while Team B scrapped, clawed, and struggled its way to the championship game.”

    You do realize that Team B has scored more points, let up only 3 more points, and is lead by a QB with a better playoff rating than Team A, correct?

    And Team A’s defense was one of the worst in the history of the NFL.

    “Team A has a prolific offense, at times completely unstoppable.”

    Actually, Team B already held the #1 offense in the NFL to 14 points on their way to a 39-14 win.

    No one’s questioning who has the better QB, how’d that work out for Mark Rypien vs. Jim Kelly? Kurt Warner vs. unknown Tom Brady? Brad Johnson vs. MVP Rich Gannon? etc…

    Just saying…

  2. Lets make them wait 51 days and see what happens. Meanwhile, we move on with our lives.

  3. A team with an average defense and a prolific offense hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the Rams did it in ’99 (and even that year, the Titans really slowed the Rams down). I don’t expect any change in that stat, because defense always wins championships. Go Bears!

  4. The Colts defense was pretty abysmal mid-late in the regular season but I think many are quick to forget how much they’ve stepped up in the last few weeks of the season and in the playoffs. I see this game as pretty much a coin toss, entirely hinging on which Grossman shows up.

    The Colts and their much improved Rush Defense will key in on stopping the run, this means it will be largely up to Rex to move the ball on Offense for the Bears. It may be just a gamble with the highest stakes, but I think the Colts have a good chance of winning if they can put the workload on Grossman’s shoulders.

    We all know just how poor of a performance Rex is capable of, and though it’s putting it all up to chance I have to say…he’s about due for another one of his broken performances.

    Meanwhile we all know what to expect (for the most part) from the Colts offense and the Bears defense.

  5. Team A runs the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Team B doesn’t flinch.

    It all gave me bad flasbacks. I spent most of the night looking for Charlie in the bushes surrounding my house.

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