Smith still at OSU,
continues to impress the pros

OSU FootballTroy Smith has apparently shaken off his aberrant performance from the BCS title game and is impressing the scouts in Mobile.

This week, preparations begin for the Senior Bowl, and Smith weighed in at 6’0″, 222 lbs, finally putting an end to the argument from many losers claiming he was only 5’10”. This puts him in the same size class as NFL QBs Brees, Grossman, Vick, Favre, among others; and within an inch of Romo, Delhomme, and several others. Hopefully, the “he’s too short for the NFL” nonsense can be put to rest.

From the article:

Smith had a strong showing on the first day of practice and has begun to silence some of his critics. He was on the money with his passes, hitting his receivers in stride, and threw the ball with nice touch and pinpoint accuracy.

The scouts were well aware of Smith’s big arm before coming to Mobile, but the big arm was more like a bazooka after hearing the ball thump on the receiver’s chest when making a catch.

After practice, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden, who is coaching the North squad, talked about how impressive Smith was during his first day of work.

“Troy’s arm strength was impressive, and he’s learned the playbook quickly,” Gruden said. “It’s going to be a pleasure to work with him this week.”

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