Should I Stay or Should I Go?

OSU LogoWill Greg Oden be a Buckeye for more than one season? That debate, to most, is a forgone conclusion. Answer: it will be one and done for the big man. In a recent interview captured by the Ozone Oden casts some light on the debate.

“There’s a very big chance I will be here four years. I’ve got to finish college. That’s what my mom told me,” Oden said.

Greg OdenBuckeye fans must remember, it is December and Oden has played in 3 games in a Buckeye uniform. Let’s not get too excited (yet). He is saying this now because it is the right thing to say and maybe he truly believes it today. It will be more difficult after the season to say the same thing when million$ are staring him in the face. Regardless of how long Oden suits up in the scarlet and gray, let’s enjoy these stats (only to get better) while we can. In three games, without full strength in his dominant hand…WOW! Average per game:

    Minutes: 24
    Points: 14.7
    Rebounds: 8.3
    Blocks: 5
    Field Goal %: 89.5

Don’t get me wrong, I am just as excited about the other freshman, but a dominant man in the middle makes all the difference thus all the discussion. What are your thoughts on Oden and the basketball Buckeyes so far?

On tap this week:
Tonight, 12/19, Iowa State in is town. Game starts at 8:00pm.
Saturday, 12/23, the Buckeyes travel to Gainesville to take on the Gators. Game starts at 4:00pm.


  1. This team has a great chance at a number one seed and the final four. Tough games will be Illinois and Wisky but I think we match up better with Wisky. Only concern right now is point guard play and the turnovers and wtf was Jamar Butler kidnapped. That dude needs to show up consistently every game if we’re gonna have a chance to go all the way and he’s been non existent for most of the season. Hunter is also a nice power forward and I like his effort on the boards along with Ivan Harris. Just what ever they do, chill on the 3’s a little because we have some serious low post power now.

  2. The thought of Oden for more than a year is more than my feeble mind can handle. I couldn’t imagine a better scenario than the Thad Five as sophomores.

    Oden can do his impersonation of Eli Manning, too, declaring himself for the draft when the team he wants to play for gets the first pick.

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