ND backlash?

FootballI was halfway through writing a post chiming in with my opinion on the somewhat infuriating “Season of Backlash” article from Blue Gray Sky, when my Bloglines feeds updated and Brian’s extremely cogent response appeared. His post said everything I was planning to argue, and more.

Head on over there for some good logic.


  1. Scarlet & Gray Matters says

    I see it this way, Quinn lost the Heisman to Smith the first week of January 2006!

  2. Baby Jeezus says

    Please don’t spend another post discussing ND or Mich…ND was ranked 2nd in the polls and got clobbered for the frauds they are by Michigan. Michigan got clobbered for the frauds they were by OSU. Lets talk about Greg Oden pissing all over Cincy and OSU dominating them like it was a joke, playing with one hand..his off hand at that!!!

  3. Shake and bake, baby jeezus!!

  4. Lets be honest about things over att ND, if they weren’t ND Brady Quinn would never have been close to the Heisman discussion, much less third. His numbers are generally equivalent to JaMarcus Russell at LSU, they both have two losses against quality opponenets (though LSU also has some quality wins) yet he was nowhere near the Heisman discussion. You can’t be in the discussion just because you play for ND, then think you didn’t win just because you play for ND.

  5. Bill, you realize you’re not talking in a positive manner about Notre Dame, don’t you? Don’t you? I mean, come on, it’s Notre Dame.

    How come you didn’t say anything about how awesome Charlie Weis is? You had like 50 words to work with, there. Remember, Notre Dame is awesome. They must always be spoken of positively.

    I couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned JaMarcus Russell at LSU. You don’t understand – he’s not Brady Quinn. Therefore, he can’t be good. And who’s his coach? Is it Charlie Weis? I think not.


  6. chgobuckeye says

    Brady Quinn, just like the rest of the Whining Irish are overrated and overhyped year after year. tOSU exposed them in Jan, UM did it again in Sept and USC in Nov. We can only hope that they get spanked again by LSU in Jan to confirm what most of the country already knows. Brady Quinn did not deserve the Heisman, Charlie Weis has not beat any team of substance since his arrival, despite his blustering, and ND continues to get a disportionate share of attention by the national media. Regardless, the National Championship game is just around the corner..GO Buckeyes!!!

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