Heisman can’t fly

OSU Footballtroy_smith_heisman.jpgTroy Smith’s Heisman trophy had to be shipped home after failing an airline security inspection.

Smith was not allowed to take the trophy on the plane. He could have passed it through the X-ray scanner, but that’s how Eddie George’s trophy got damaged in 1995. Apparently, he asked for a hand inspection, and the trophy was denied clearance.

Wonder if anyone checked to see if the TSA screener was a Michigan fan…


  1. Baby Jeezus says

    Man, have you read MgoBlog lately??? I think thats pathetic that one guy can go from complete extremes and nobody has a problem with it. One week he’s depressed because he observed first hand that Michigan got its ass kicked. Then USC chokes, smart people decide to take Florida and now he’s determined that we need a playoff system. They knew what was on the line on Nov 18th so why all the crying. I just think back to 95,96, 98 when we had 3 hellacious teams lose the last games and I don’t think I heard one peep about playing for a national championship or being crowned national champs or a playoff system. Geez stop the whining Michigan fans, its getting toxic…

  2. Hi Baby – I agree that the collective whining from Wolverine nation is getting most annoying.

    I guess, though, that this is what they run a blog for. Coaches and players can only do so much lobbying, and the fans really don’t have any weight, so its up to guys like us to make the case for our respective teams. It must stink to defend a position you know is wrong, and I’m glad we’re not in that position.

    Having said that, the whining doesn’t bother me as much as some blogs doing anything they can to paint OSU or OSU fans in the most negative light possible, out of nothing more than a spiteful retaliation for having lost the game. Even Carr got in on that act with his “slick” comment about Tressel.

  3. Llllloyd Carr is a walking, talking, Tressel-owned douche. He has taken bitching and moaning to the refs and made it an artform the likes of which has not been seen at the collegiate or professional level for years. I’ve seen coaches at both levels get in the ear of the officials, but Carr… wow, what a world-class, moaning tool. For him to down Tress like that–he’s just like school in the summertime. No class.

  4. Scarlet & Gray Matters says

    Lllloyd is recruiting those TSA screeners since they were the only ones that have been able to stop an OSU QB in 3 years!

  5. hey, did you see the article on espn page 2 about the NFL selling Smith short? i think its hilarious that people still think quinn will do better in the pros…

    although, i’m a little glad that he’s being overlooked. i wouldn’t want him to get destroyed at oakland or detroit.

  6. http://blacksportsnetwork.com/articles/features/MrSmith_121106.asp

    I’m a Michigan fan, but Troy Smith was simply the best this year. The Buckeye state is lucky to have him.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah I still have much passionate disdain for the men of the scarlet and gray, but as I sports journalist–and I cringe as I’m writing this–I must stay objective.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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