31 TDs in six minutes

OSU FootballI don’t care what team you root for, when you watch this video you’ll understand why Troy Smith is the best player in college football.

Yes, you’ll see great performances from his receivers. But no other QB (including Quinn) could thread the needle like Smith does, and from any hash, from the pocket or on the move, with guys hanging off of him, for three yards or 60. No matter what his body or foot position, he simply puts it where only his receiver can bring it down.

My favorites are #17 and #29.

HT: DCFW and Timbuck2


  1. Let me be the first to say here I’m glad he’s gone. Florida might think they know what’s coming, but Urban’s in for a big shock. Just goes to show what an inexact science recruiting can be… our own Mike Hart was a 3-star player who Tom Lemming thought might make a decent CB. Anyway, no doubt Smith is the best player in CFB.

  2. Remind me again why they invited Quinn and McFadden to the New York?

  3. He throws like a girl. A super powered Amazon girl with a cannon for an arm.

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