“UM!!” “Fla!!” But nobody’s mentioning
what is fair for OSU

OSU FootballBuckeye nation must wait until 10 p.m. EST tonight to find out who OSU’s opponent will be in the BCS national title game.

Fans seem to be evenly split on the issue, as is evident in the ESPN poll:


Mark Schlabach’s ESPN article makes a pretty persuasive case for the BCS taking Florida. He goes all Dave Letterman on us, listing ten reasons why Florida’s body of work is more impressive than Michigan. One of his points:

“5. The 12 teams Florida defeated finished the season with 11 combined wins against opponents which were ranked in the AP Top 25 poll at the time the game was played. The opponents Michigan defeated claim just three wins against ranked teams (Notre Dame beat Penn State. Indiana beat Iowa. Vanderbilt beat Georgia. The Nittany Lions, Hawkeyes and Bulldogs, it should be noted, haven’t been ranked in seven weeks).”

What’s interesting to me is that everyone is arguing over what’s fair for Florida or Michigan. I agree that a case can be made for both, but nobody is arguing over what’s fair for OSU! Shouldn’t the team that clinched the spot more clearly than any other get a say? Shouldn’t what’s fair for OSU be a determining factor in the decisions of the voters in the coaches’ and Harris polls?

Clearly, giving Michigan a mulligan would be unfair for OSU. The Buckeyes have already proved they were the better team. Why have to validate it again, just because some kool-aid drinking BCS voters think Florida doesn’t deserve a shot?

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