Week # 10 – Illinois – Open Thread

OSU FootballHi folks! Welcome to this week’s open thread. Sorry we’ve got it up later than usual.

As usual, Buckeye Planet and the O-Zone have great previews of this week’s action.

Illinois is by no means a patsy team this year. Statistically, they’re pretty middle-of-the-pack (Big Ten-wise) in most categories. Last week they played extremely well against a great Wisconsin team, and were only a missed extra point or FG away from another victory or two on the season. Throw in their homefield advantage, and the fact that Illinois always plays OSU hard, and you’ve got the makings for a possible “trap” game for Sweatervest’s crew.

Vegas has the odds at 24 points. Last week, the 2006 Buckeyes tied the 1973 team’s record of winning its first nine games by 17 points or more. If they continue the trend this week, this year’s squad will have the record to themselves, and will probably be considered the best team in OSU history.

This week’s questions:

    Does OSU win by more than 17 points?
    How many rushing yards does Illinois get? O/U: 100
    Pittman starts the game at 894 yards on the season. Does he become a thousand yard rusher this week?
    OSU’s defense is averaging 2.1 interceptions a game. How many interceptions does it make this week?

sportsMonkey’s Predictions:
Final Score: OSU 31, Illinois 6
Illinois rushing yards: under, 50
Pittman’s rushing: over, 125 (gets his 1000)
INTs: under, 2

Zeke’s Predictions:
Final Score: OSU 40, Illinois 3
Illinois rushing yards: under, 76
Pittman’s rushing: over, 112 (gets his 1000, I agree)
INTs: over, 3

Sylvester Yon-Rambo’s Predictions:
Final Score: OSU 56, Illinois 3
Illinois rushing yards: under, 83
Pittman’s rushing: over, 138 and 2 TDs
INTs: over, 4 INTs
I stand by my theory that we will hit 50 points in a game this year eventually. (I still hope it is the Michigan game though). Illinois has no rushing game to talk of. Pittman is way down from his numbers thru 9 games from last year. I see him having a huge game on a small number of carries. The Defense comes up big with 4 JUICY interceptions and takes at least 1 back for a pick six.


  1. SYR –

    >>Pittman is way down from his numbers thru 9 games from last year.<< I noticed that ESPN kept running that stat on their "crawler" during the game last night. They're trying to insinuate that his performance this year has dropped off, but it hasn't. Nobody's taking into account that his total carries have dropped off. Tressel is using Beanie for a fifth of what he was using Pittman for. I did a little homework, and so far, Pittman is averaging 18.2% fewer carries per game this year than last. What that means is that, to have the same success as last year, he'll need to clear 1100 yards this season. He'll probably do that with a game or two to spare, so his overall performance so far is significantly above expectations (i.e., he's improved from last year). Also, he only had 7 TDs last year, he's already got 10, with three reg. season games and a bowl to go. I found one more amazing stat: I didn’t realize this until just now, but Antonio Pittman has never fumbled the ball. 478 carries through 2004, and not one single fumble. Amazing.

    Stats can be found here.

  2. I dont disagree with your statement at all Monkey……But most wont take the time to do that research or ask why his stats are down. I just think he will make up those yards in the next 3 games to start his heisman trophy campaign for 2007.

  3. My predictions:

    Final score: OSU: 48 Illinois: 0 (shut out #2, baby!)
    Illinois rushing yards: Even, 100
    OSU INTs: at least 3. Juice is gonna spray the ball all over the place and Little Animal gets one of them.

  4. Hey guys…. I’m an OSU alum living in Houston, TX. One of our sports radio shows has a weekly spot with Phil Steele where he picks some games and shills his newsletter.

    ANYWAYS, he said something interesting (and somewhat troubling) that I hadn’t heard before. He said that if OSU loses to Michigan and Wisconsin wins out that UW would get the Rose Bowl bid due to the Big Ten’s “whoever has gone longer without going” tiebreaker. Is anyone in Columbus talking about this? Obviously, the answer to this problem if it really exists is to beat Michigan, but I was curious if this story has any legs…

  5. Hi John –

    Not sure what Phil Steele means… whoever wins the UM/OSU game is going to Glendale, which vacates the Rose Bowl spot.

    The next best team in the conference doesn’t automatically “move up,” rather, the Rose committee is then free to select whoever they want. They’re under no obligation to select the “next best” team in the conference.

    Remember 2004? USC won the Pac 10, but didn’t play in the Rose because they went to play in the title game. So the Rose committee selected Texas to take the Pac 10 spot. (Vince Young’s coming out party.)

    My guess is either USC or Cal is going to win the Pac 10, and play in the Rose. If the Big 10 winner competes in Glendale, then the Rose committee will choose whoever they want.

    My guess is if USC wins the Pac 10, they’ll probably choose Texas, so they could set up a USC/Texas “rematch.” If Cal wins the Pac 10, they’ll probably choose UM.


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