Now Burgess?

FootballColumbus television stations are reporting that Prescott Burgess, linebacker for UM, may be wanted by Columbus Police.

As of this post, no specific details are available. Internet threads, however, are lighting up with a story about Burgess burglarizing a now-defunct electronics store in Columbus several years ago.

The mighty Prescott Burgess, getting knocked on his tuckus for the bajillionth time by Stan White, Jr, allowing Pittman to score the winning TD

We’ll reserve an opinion on Burgess until all the details are revealed.

It’s disturbing, though, how a lot of UM blogs and fans in these threads are already complaining about the C-bus police, generally taking the position that even if Burgess is guilty, it was a long time ago and the store no longer exists, so it shouldn’t matter. That’s kind of a dangerous way to think, but the story is young.

I say this honestly: I hope it turns out to be nothing. Like most true OSU and UM fans, I want all players on both sides to be there and healthy when the game comes around. UM’s best vs. OSU’s best – the best spectacle in the sports universe.


  1. That’s the picture I saw someone use as an avatar on some board somewhere, with the caption “traitors get what they deserve.” Beautiful.

  2. This is going to be a long couple of weeks if this keeps up…

    The statute of limitations for prosecution is up. When the alleged issue (misdemeanor theft) supposedly occurred, he was a juvenile. Now he’s over 21.

  3. Bleeds Blue says

    He must have been friends with Maurice Clarett, although I imagine Clarett has new friends now where he’s going.

  4. Bleeds Blue – one can only hope! 😉

  5. I think all this came up due to the fact that Prescott chose Michigan over Ohio, which in the long run Ohio fans are showing their true colors by slandering him, are they afraid to have him in the game? Go Blue!!!

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