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noteIcon If OSU beats Minnesota by by 17 points this weekend, it will be the first time since 1973 that a Buckeye team has won its first nine games by 17 points or more.
noteIcon The Bucks have never won their first ten games by 17 points or more. With Minnesota at home this weekend and Illinois on the schedule next week, it could happen.
noteIcon The Bucks’ lowest margin of victory for the season (17 pts) was against #2 Texas — other than the ‘Horns, no team has gotten within three touchdowns of OSU.
noteIcon The Bucks’ margin of victory is averaging a whopping four touchowns per game. Compare that to the #2 Wolverines, whose margin of victory averages 17 points.
noteIcon Speaking of the Minnesota game, the legendary Jack Nicklaus will “dotting the i” this weekend. Only five people in history have been given this honor. Keith over at Buckeye Commentary provides more details on the event.
noteIcon With the shutdown of Indiana last weekend, OSU took back its first place spot in scoring defense (tied with LSU at 8.3 ppg).
noteIcon For all the (well-deserved) talk about UM’s great defense, it’s worth noting that OSU’s defense is statistically similar. For example, UM’s defense is only giving up 241 yards per game, but the Bucks’ D is only giving up thirty more than that (271).
noteIcon Continuing with some interesting OSU/UM comparisons: OSU and UM both have 12 rushing touchdowns on the season. Antonio Pittman and Mike Hart both have 8 rushing touchowns on the season. This latter stat is amazing, considering that Hart has 214 carries on the year to Pittman’s 142. (In short, Pittman only gets two-thirds of the carries that Hart does, but scores the same number of TDs. Pittman also has a much higher YPC, even though Hart plays four quarters a game.)
noteIcon OSU is one of only six teams in the country with a double-digit turnover margin (the others are Western Mich., Texas, BYU, Alabama, and Cal). Three of the six (including OSU) are tied for second place with a +11. Texas leads the country with a +12.


  1. HAHAHA….. you know what they say… there are lies, there are damn lies, and then… there are statistics that OSU homers use to make a point.

    Nice try… you lose.

    GO BLUE!

  2. Blue Blue – care to elaborate on what statistics we’re using to make a point? They seem pretty bullet-proof to me.

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