OSU/Indiana – Semi-live update

OSU Football

End of first half

Score: 28-3

Complete domination. What else is there to say?

Lewis is a speedy, dangerous QB who looks to be covered in axle grease. Looks like IU has found another Randle El. He’s fun to watch.

The Bucks started a bit flat, they dropped three sure interceptions. Smith missed his first four passes, but has still managed to throw four TDs in the first half, and has about 40 yards rushing himself. One of the TDs was a spinning, hurdling, Heisman-highlight-reel pass to (who else) TGII in the end zone. Another touchdown was to (who else) Gonzo, who was so wide open that he actually told Troy to hold off on throwing the pass for a moment so that he could finish the crossword puzzle he was working on. Another stellar day so far for the G2.

Lots of TFLs and sacks, including one before the half ended that dropped Lewis back over 20 yards, and that was before his intentional-grounding penalty. Troy took over, and got a cleanup TD right before the half, to the 6’7″, 255 lb third-string freshman TE Ballard. The coaches said that they were going to get Ballard into the game this week, and he sure paid off with a fantastic one handed horizontal grab in the end zone.

The Hoosiers are a second-half team this year, with two comeback victories (one against Iowa), so the second half should be even more exciting than the first.

End of game

Final score: 44-3

What to write about? TG II throwing a TD? Smith passing for four TDs in a single half, something not done since Bob Hoying in 1994? The OSU TEs outscoring G2? Antonio Smith’s “antoine winfield”-like day? Two more INTs for the defense? Holding IU to 3 yards rushing, and ~180 total?

Most complete game of the year. Throw your own analysis in the comments.


  1. How about Pettrey nailing a 50+ yard FG?

  2. Jack, that was awesome. That thing would have been perfect from 65 yards.

    Something else that interests me… notice how Smith’s stats make him the clear Heisman front-runner, and yet he only plays two and half quarters a game? Could you imagine how inflated his numbers would be if he played for four quarters a game?

    Same with Pittman, too. Once he gets his 100, Tress pulls him out. If he played four quarters a game, his numbers would no doubt surpass Hart or Hill for Big Ten lead.

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