OSU/IU game to be broadcast on ONN

OSU FootballThe Ohio News Network (ONN) has reached an agreement with ESPN to rebroadcast Saturday’s OSU game against the Indiana Hoosiers.

The game will still be carried live only on ESPNU, but will be repeated in its entirety at least twice on ONN: Saturday at 11 p.m., and Sunday at 8 p.m.

It’s not a perfect solution, but ESPN is clearly throwing a bone to the several million people they were initially willing to alienate. Since all cable companies in the central Ohio area carry ONN as part of their basic cable package, it seems ESPN wasn’t willing to risk the negative publicity without having done something “magnanimous” in return.


  1. ONN isnt part of the basic cable package for Time Warner……it is only available through thier Digital Package which is about 20 additional dollars a month. I for one will not be paying 20 bones to see the game 12 hours after it has been played. Although it can be seen live on the University cable system LIVE….that is only available in dorms and other campus buildings.

  2. Fixed. Thanks for the update.

    PS: With Insight cable, ONN is included in the \”classic\” service. The other major cable company in Columbus, WOW Cable, includes ONN as part of the bare-bones package too. Only Insight comes with ESPNU.

    Still sounds like Time Warner is behind the curve, though. Might consider switching, if you can.

  3. Woody Hayes says

    Ah, thanks for the heads up. Since I have the digital package with TW I’ll actually be able to watch it.

  4. Glad to see you around, WoodyHayes.

    Yes – by all means, make sure to catch the game. Aside from the first five minutes, it was the most complete game of the year.

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