OSU vs. Indiana on ESPNU ONLY!

Well Buckeye fans, unless you have ESPNU you will not be able to watch the Indiana game on October 21st. Click here for details.

Update: According to SYR, ESPNU is not available via Time Warner. Looks like those with out a dish are out of luck.


  1. If its worth investing you can watch all the games that arent blacked out (ABC games) on ESPN Gameplan. You can purchase per week or for the season. It may interest some..

  2. Darren, I heard yesterday on the radio that the OSU Indiana game will not be available for Gameplan either. This game will be strictly an ESPNU broadcsat for television; however, generally speaking Gameplan is a good option for Buckeye fans nationally to view the games.

  3. I live in Ann Arbor and I suscribe to the ESPN Gameplan to catch the one or two OSU games that aren’t broadcast every year (Miami OH, BGSU this season) on the regular networks like ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC. I understand the Indiana game will not be included in Gameplan but on ESPN-U which isn’t a part of it. I get that station through DirecTV’s Sports package. If you don’t currently get it, you can always get it for a month and cancel it (assuming you have DirecTV). I think it would cost you $12 at the most (if you don’t have any other premium stations like HBO). Did you check out the comments on the Dispatch page? Some of those people really need to relax. It’s Indiana people… A Northwestern game wasn’t televised when I was in school and it really wasn’t a big deal. We destroyed them. There are good radio guys in Columbus as well (I wish I could listen to them).

  4. So there is an update on the Columbus Dispatch website…..There will be NO local coverage….due to ESPN wanting everyone to get ESPNU…..So I called Time Warner guess what they said……….THEY DONT CARRY IT……….OMG we are all screwed. So now I am trying to contact ESPNU to well I dont know what to ask them to do…………AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

  5. If enough people call ESPN and complain, they’ll get the point. I know its Indiana, but if you paid money for Gameplan and its not a blackout because its on regular cable then theres a reason to be heard.

    The number is 1.888.549.3776, press 3 and state your opinion.

  6. The stick in the eye for me is that 1460thefan.com started just this year to charge $5/game to listen to the game broadcast. Last year, and for years before that it had been free–so now I can’t even listen to the Bucks because I’m out of range.

  7. If your beef is with Time Warner, consider switching to Insight. I have ESPNU included with my sports package.

  8. I remember watching games on broken basic channels. My dad would fix the reception, and our biggest problem was solved. Now I have to leave my house,without a want; and I cant spend that time, in my home, with my family. I pay $100.00 a month for Time Warner, and they don’t carry the option. LOL. Are you serious? This is not respectable, and ultimately it’s going to cost, MY SUPPORT. I heard this isn’t going to be the only game that this scheduling happens with, and if that’s the case, then i give up. Someone needs to stop these “money” games, or I won’t be the only ONE.

  9. I am a die hard fan and I too am really upset that the osu game was not televised, its unfair to the fans…we support the buckeyes with all our hearts and I think they should be loyal to us as well. I just want to know does anyone know if the northwestern and illinois games are going to broadcasted on Espn U because I logged on Espn.com and it doesnt say anything about what channel they will be broadcasted on, so if anyone knows please post that up here.

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