Another search log bust

LLLLoydNo doubt you’ve heard of the recent scandal involving an online company’s accidental release of private search engine logs. Well, here at MotSaG, we’ve uncovered quite a scoop for you.

el Kaiser, SYR, Zeke,and I have spent most of our nights and weekends for the past month poring over the gigabytes of data to extract interesting patterns in the search logs. Lo and behold, we hit the jackpot with user ID #1039375. This person had the most, uh, “intriguing” log. Here’s a year’s worth of his search strings, tagged with date and ranking.

Search log

Sound like anyone you know?


  1. Ok, Damn. That is some funny stuff.

    here’s another.

    “where can I sell my unread copy of “You Win With People”?

  2. Classic!


  1. […] It’s only Monday and Lloyd is already throwing hissy fits and breaking down in tears. What could it be? Could it be the mention of Tressel? Maybe the interviewer asked him about his recent 1-4 record against the Buckeyes. Maybe they asked him about the search logs we recently uncovered here at MotSaG? […]

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