#10’s feet, WRU?!?

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Smith's feet

Details are still sketchy, but authorities are positive of one thing: Coach Tressel is involved in the disappearance. Whether he is keeping them hidden for strategic purposes, or for fear of injury, he has no doubt arranged for their abduction.

A tip has been received that the missing may show up this weekend in Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. If they don’t appear there, they’ll probably stay in hiding until November 18th in Columbus, Ohio.

But they will appear, folks. They will appear.


  1. Well done Sir. I hope we don’t “need” to find them until November 18 in C-bus.

  2. Something tells me that they may be needed Saturday night in Iowa City to help keep the thousands of “well-fortified” Hawkeye fans quieted down.

  3. Missing Troy’s ‘athleticism’, what happened to the offense, why did we look semi-pathetic against PSU?

    My first thought regarding all criticisms of the OSU football squad at this point is that they are winning games, and that’s all that ultimately matters. In ’02, we struggled late against Illinois, Purdue, UM, and Miami. But in the end, the National Championship trophy found it’s way to campus.

    If it becomes necessary, I agree with you that Troy will be asked/forced to display the multitude of skills that made us all fall in love with him. He showed some of it last week before he threw the 60-yard strike to Robiskie.

    All I’ve heard all week on local sports talk radio is the question, “what the heck happened to Ted Ginn/the passing game/Gonzo last Saturday?” Does anyone remember the little bit of rain that came through last weekend? That dampness does more than decrease a receiver’s ability to catch cleanly. It also decreases one’s ability to make strong cuts both physically and mentally. While top-level athletes should have less trouble with this than I would, it’s still an issue. Playing in less treacherous conditions will enable this offense (and Ted in the return game) to do the things we expect.

    When I really boil it down, I’d much rather be talking about this stuff under our current circumstances (4-0), than dissecting our latest failure to put together a sufficient team effort in a loss. Keep up the great work, guys! Hopefully we’ll have a cool, dry evening and be able to torch the Hawkeye’s for another big win on national television.

  4. I totally agree, Drew.

    Everyone’s been spoiled with USC’s 50-point games for the past two years, thinking that is how a #1 team “should” win. Just like in 2002, everyone was spoiled with Miami’s 50-point games, thinking that’s how a #1 team “should” have been winning.

    Those types of offenses only come around once in a while, and they only happen when (1) a great team plays in a conference with a bunch of bad defenses, and (2) that team has the fortune to play in good weather for the entire season.

    That will never be the case in the Big T(elev)en. Too many strong defenses, too much bad weather.

    The pundits could say what they want, but the reality is that the weather DID impact the game plan. Add to the mix that PSU / OSU is always a close game (biggest rivalry for PSU, second biggest for OSU).

    Weather looks good for this weekend, too! Cool, dry, light wind. Don’t forget that last year, Troy shredded Iowa for 318 yards… and their defense is a little weaker this year.

    While some are nervous that it’s happening at night in Iowa, that’s a perfect stage for Smith. How many Heisman candidates would kill to showcase their stuff on two great prime-time national television games within a month? Smith will be ready.

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