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BengalsBrowns**UPDATED – Now with video goodness (see below).

I know we’re a few days late weighing in on the Battle of Ohio, but we were a bit exhausted from all the great college games that happened on Saturday.

The Bengals easily beat the Browns, but paid a heavy price. Three starters were lost to injury, and several others were beaten bloody. Chad Johnson took a shot that blew the helmet off his bald head, and was taken to the trainer’s room to get chin stitches. Some time later, after the game, he was still too disoriented to speak to reporters.

“How do I look?” he said, trying to focus his eyes.

He was too disoriented to conduct an interview.

“I talked to Chad,” Palmer said. “He’s a little loopy. He’s a little out of it.”

Now that’s pro football, folks! Maybe you shouldn’t have done that silly chicken dance, huh, Chad?

The other Johnson (Rudi) had a great game, which of course makes me happy, not because I’m a huge Bengals fan or anything, but because I’m the greedy one that drafted him to my FF team. (That sound you hear is el Kaiser trembling in his boots in fear of our mighty FF matchup this weekend! C’mon, Kaiser! Bring it on!!)

This goes without saying, but Cleveland better step it up a notch. Looking at the stats alone, Frye had a respectable game (20 for 33, 244 yds), including a 75-yarder for TD to our old pal Braylon Edwards. But his “other” stat (2 INTs) prevented the Browns from getting into the game. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t buy into the idea that Frye is the QB of the future for this team.

Check out Chad Johnson’s scrambled brains, after the hit:

BTW: You can see “the hit” here. Looks like Brian Russell may draw a fine from the NFL won’t be fined for this shot. clean hit. [Thanks to Craig for the update]


  1. ESPiN is carrying a report that there will be no fine for Russell for the hit, which is the correct call. I have watched it frame-by-frame and there was no helmet to helmet contact. It was just a brutal blow to the chest with the shoulder and arm that blasted Chaddy into Never Never land with Peter and Wendy. According to the article on, Johnson had been taunting the Browns players in their huddle during TV timeouts. He was asking when he was going to get hit. I guess he found out. When they were up by 24 points with 2:07 left in the game and they were still trying to throw the ball.

    You are correct to question the crowning of Charlie Frye. He hasn’t exhibited consistent decision making yet, nor has he shown the arm strength that an NFL QB must have to make the key throws over and over. Guts he has plenty of, but that will just get him killed someday.

  2. Thanks for the update & analysis, Craig. After watching the hit closer myself, I agree that it was a good, clean shot. He got what he asked for, I guess.

    Chad’s trip to Neverland might not have happened if he hadn’t lost his helmet… looked to me like his head bounced pretty hard on the turf (yet they’re saying there was no concussion…????)

    The video cracks me up. “How was Bodden, guys?” LOL.

  3. You’re welcome sM. You are right, the video is absolutely hilarious. I have it saved as a favorite now, imagine that. The one thing that kills me in this whole fiasco is that everyone (the national media, and ESPiN in particular) has missed the biggest questions of all. Why were the Bengals throwing the ball with 2:07 left in the game and up by 24 points, and why were their starters, especially Palmer, in the game? What kind of scrutiny would Marvin Lewis be under right now if young Carson had taken another shot to the knee and been lost for the season in that situation? Seems even more senseless now, doesn’t it? But that is typical ESPiN for you. All flash and little substance.

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