Now do you get it?

FootballWhat’s wrong with this graphic?

BCS banner

Yes, it’s the banner from the BCS main site. Look closer:


Ahh.. the BCS conference icons. Don’t see the problem yet? Let’s move in closer…


By now, 99% of you know what’s wrong here. For the remaining 1% (i.e., those visiting MotSaG from ESPN domains), I’ll highlight it for you:


Please understand that I’m not anti-Notre Dame. I’m just anti-favoritism. As a college football fan, it disturbs me when a team gets rewarded for mediocrity, simply because they have good marketing and legal departments.

Kudos to Big Blue, not only for taking the Irish to the woodshed, but also for embarrassing the sports pundits in the major media who have been slobbering over Weis & co. Apparently, OSU’s beatdown of the same team in the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t good enough.

What I worry about now is a situation where a one-loss ND team sneaks into the championship mix over a more deserving team. For example, if OSU and West Virginia go undefeated, will the BCS find a way to bump WVA out of the championship game so it can give the Irish a shot at the title?

Or what if WVA goes undefeated, but OSU, Auburn, USC, and the Irish end up with one loss? Of course that would mean that the Irish beat USC in a high-profile game at the end of the season. Would that be enough to jump them over Auburn and OSU, even though those teams are light-years ahead of Notre Dame?

Again, to reiterate: I’m not anti-ND. But consider, for a moment, all 100-plus teams represented by these icons…


ND plays the same game as all of them, but gets to use different rules, and doesn’t even attempt to justify it by being dominant or anything.

So what’s my solution? Let’s bring ND into the Big Te(leve)n. We’ll be happy to give them Illinois’ spot (we’ll just send the Illini down to I-AA). They play UM every year anyway, and can schedule USC in the preseason. Let’s see how good Weis really is with annual matchups against Carr, Carroll, Paterno, and Tressel.

You know – make ’em earn respect, like everyone else has to do.


  1. Bravo.

  2. I second that Bravo! Any school playing college football needs to be playing COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Put them in the Big Ten! They wouldn’t last a season! Regis Philbin would have to retire outta shame! Congrats to the Blue for womping them! (but don’t expect me to cheer you on again)

  3. 1. Thanks for the praise for that blue team up north. It means a lot coming from you guys.
    2. I agree that ND should not get the special treatment they get. I think they would suffer the same fate as Penn State (read: mediocre to bad most of the time) if they played in the Big11.

  4. a-fucking-men

  5. Ideally, we’d like to have them come in as a 12th team. Illinois is quite good at basketball and other sports.

    Get that 12th team and we can split into two and have a conference champtionship.


    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so sick and tired of Notre Dame getting all the publicity that they get. Even in their “down” years, they were the most televised team in the nation. Wasn’t it ND that petitioned to make mediocrity (6-5) bowl eligible???

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