MotSaG Roundtable – Cincinnati

OSU FootballThe Bearcats gave it their best, and caught OSU a bit flat today. The game reminded me of last year’s post-Texas game, when SDSU caught the Bucks in a post-Horns haze and jumped out to an early lead.

And just like last year, after the one Cinci drive, the Bucks defense took over. Eight sacks today – that’s awesome against a team with a QB as fast and mobile as Grutza. The Little Animal was stellar again, and Pitcock finally stepped up and had his name called several times. Aside from the one drive, it was a classic OSU defensive “bend but don’t break” shutdown.

The Bucks’ offense wasn’t really threatened by Cincinnati, but kept shooting itself in the foot. Way too many penalties today. Coach Bollman said Thursday’s practice was “pathetic,” and it showed. Dropped passes, hesitation, and an overall lack of intensity in the first half may cut it against Cinci, but it better not happen now that OSU is starting Big Te(leven) play.

More analysis later.

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