OSU FootballHoly cow, the blogosphere is buzzing with OSU/Texas overanalysis. The game really is more simple than what most people think.

Don’t believe me? Here’s OSU/Texas summed up in less than 100 words:

    This year, the OSU offense is light-years ahead of where it was last year, and playing against essentially the same Texas defense (some would argue a slightly weaker defense). Still, with all its disorganization and mistakes last year, OSU managed to put up 22 points against the best team in football. Obviously then, it’s appropriate to expect even more production and points from OSU’s offense during this year’s matchup. So the game will come down to whether or not Colt McCoy’s offense can score about 30 points against OSU.

Simple, huh? Here’s the same analysis, Haiku style:

    Why worry Texas?
    Buck’s O better than last year’s
    Texas’ D is not


  1. One problem with your analysis. Texas’ D is better this year than last, maybe the best in the Mack Brown era. A D that is far worse than last year, is the OSU D.

    Selvin and Jamaal
    Spells Trouble for a new D
    Rely on Troy?

  2. The Stos

    Not arguing here, but after losing Griffin, Huff, and Wright, then having the starting CB and backup SS suspended for the weapons/drug incident, do you really think this Saturday’s Texas defense is better than last year’s?

    No doubt OSU’s D is much weaker this year than last… but I wouldn’t call it “new.” Besides, that’s why I said the game would come down to McCoy, and whether or not he would put about 30 points up on the OSU D.

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