NCAA: “Yes, sir, Mr. Carroll, sir”

FootballThe NCAA has reinstated Dwayne Jarrett for USC’s opener.

Jarrett, who accepted $18,000 in unallowable benefits, is allowed to play for the Trojans because it was only “a mistake.”

The NCAA’s justification for letting Jarrett get away with the violations? The NCAA’s Jennifer Strawley said:

“Mr. Jarrett made a mistake, and we believe that had he known he was required to pay his full share of the rent for the apartment, he would not have chosen to live there.”

Apparently, Ms. Strawley even said that with a straight face.

Yes, it seems that the NCAA actually believes that Jarrett didn’t know he was supposed to pay for his rent. And, of course, since he didn’t know, he shouldn’t be required to suffer a suspension.


If you haven’t figured out how ridiculous that sounds, consider this: Troy Smith, a backup QB at OSU in 2004, accepted $500 from a booster. He gave the money back, admitted he was wrong, apologized to his teammates, and accepted a two-game suspension for his “mistake” – a mistake that hindsight shows probably cost his team a shot at the 2005 title.

Jarrett, a starting WR, accepted $18,000 from a booster, then claimed he “didn’t know” he wasn’t supposed to do that, and earns no suspension.

Think there’s a little bias in the NCAA for Pete Carroll and his LA boys?

I used to be a Pete Carroll fan, but my respect for him over the past couple of years has been dropping faster than a battery-filled snowball thrown from the upper deck of the Big House.


  1. Not to back up the fighting condoms, but wasnt it Leinarts dad who was paying for most of the apt since they were roomates and not a booster. Not that this makes it right, buy if I was stayin in some pricey LA apt and my boys dad said he would pay for most of the rent I think I would take that offer.
    Also there is no doubt in my mind that suspension costs the Bucks the game against Texas. Troy would have had a game under his belt and there is no way Zwick even smells that field. Troy legs along would have picked up a few more 1st downs which would have let to us puttin 6 on the board instead of kickin all those FGs

  2. Yep, Leinart’s dad was the one who picked up Jarrett’s tab… but he is a USC booster, too.

    I see a lot of people say, “if I had a friend who invited me in to stay in his pricey apartment, I’d definitely do it.” I’d probably do the same thing… unless I was an NCAA football player, because it’s a violation to accept any benefits from somone who is not your parent (which is what makes Jarrett’s “I didn’t know” defense look stupid).

    Jarrett arranged for his roomate’s father – a booster – to pay for 85% of his total housing costs, so that he could live in a more comfortable apartment than what’s typical for NCAA football players. To me, that’s an unfair benefit.

    And I totally agree with you about Smith and Texas. Still, I take some solace in the fact that Tressel, et. al., took the high road and didn’t pull a “Pete Carroll” with the Smith situation.

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