Complete 2006 NCAA Football Schedule

FootballMotSaG has grabbed the 2006 NCAA “Helmet” schedule that’s been making its rounds through the Internet, and converted it into PDFs for your pleasure.

schedule screencap


Complete 2006 NCAA Schedule

Games of the Week

Individual Conference Schedules:

To whoever put the hard work into creating this sucker: Thank you. Also, if anyone knows who did put this together, please let us know so that we can give him the proper credit. And tell him “nice touch” for replacing UM’s helmet icon with a steaming pile of fetid excrement. (It wasn’t us – we swear!)

Update (el Kaiser here):
You can also pick up the source (the .XLS file) of these files at Bevosports. If someone was really ambitious, they’d merge the helmet schedule with the recently linked TV schedule and everyone would be set for September!

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